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      My gf had her period on 27th oct and we had sex for the first time on the night of 31st oct. She started to haver urinal infection the next time and keep vomiting. So we had her treated by her doctor for those symtom. However, yesterday on the 6th Nov, we did a prennacy test from the home kit and it turn out positive. What is the possibility of a false positive?


        Well, I am sorry to say. If the first test came out Positive… I would have to say that I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a PREGNANCY. I wish you and her the best. How old are you both? Are you all in school still? If so, are you almost done? Please tell someone… and go to the doctors…


        ~Does she have any signs of a pregnancy right now?~



          hey, possibility of a false positive is almost impossible. Because the home pregnancy tests detect a hormone called HGC tht is only present when you are pregnant. Now, if you had sex on Halloween, the test should not show up for another week. The best thing to do is to go to the doctor immediately, and get some bloodwork done. The fact that she is taking medication for her infection is not helping your situation. Tell her to drink lots of liquid, and cranberry juice. Most women do not start the symptoms until later on (around 5th-6th week) of their pregnancy, that’s when morning sickness hits you. I used to get urine infections all teh time, just because I was very active at one point, and the best thing to do to prevent that is to go and pee after sex, the amonia in the urine will disinfect what the male body has brought to the females. Remember that by no means could peeing prevent pregnancy. Go to the doctor, and Goodluck. Please be patient, I know its hard but support her as she will be needing it the most right now.


            Hi i know this is wierd but i am 14 years old and 6 months pregnant. I took three test before i went to the doctor finally. And when i did they said i was.


              Sounds like she is pregnant. I found out a little over a month ago I was pregnant and my boyfriend and I didn’t believe it because it was such a faint line. However, we quickly found out from our doctor and many internent sites how accurate home tests are. There are a couple reasons why it may be a false positive but its quite rare. Check it out with a doctore to be certain! Good luck, hope things go your way.


                Not likely. but take another test if you aren’t sure;)


                  if the test was positive then that means ur gf has pregnancy hormones in her urine, which indicates she is pregnant, they would not be there if she wasnt. if the test was old/damaged/etc when u got it is the only explaination to if it is false. but if a reliable, new test it means she is pregnant.

                  jjs mom

                    well if you guy’s had sex for the FIRST time oct.31 there is no way a pregnancy test will show positive. i suggest you take it again and if it sills shows up postive…well i suggest you talk to you girlfriend, there is no way pregnancy horomones will show up in 7 days. good luck


                      i would suggest you take another test two is better than one because then if it comes back possitive you no, but if it comes back negative i would tell your gf to go to her doctors, to be on the safe side.


                        Eh.. It depends on which test you got. if it was a cheap test from the dollar tree then maybe but most tests are accurate. Hey, she got her period on my bday :-p lol anyway, the tests are unlikely but theyre there. maybe she peed too much or too little. I am 30 weeks prego now but last year i had a scare and i had a false positive b/c i didnt pee enough. Id get another test or just go to the doctors or the free clinic and get one



                          GOOD LUCK TO THE BOTH OF YOU


                            Most likly she is preg…there have been rare cases tho…how old are you all?

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