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      im just getting a lil bit worried im 19 weekz 2day and alot of people i know that are the same as me are way bigger then i am..should i be worried?? i used to drink until 3monthz and smoke ciggarettes up until 4 monthz..just curious.. thanks


        Well, have you been going for your prenatal checkups? Is this your first baby? It all depends on your body structure… with my first baby I did not show until I was about six months and never really looked fully ready to pop at all. I had strong abdominal muscles before I got pregnant and I guess those made me carry my baby very compactly. People would always ask me it he was growing. I assure you I gave birth to a very healthy baby. Ask your doctor if you have ANY concerns. I’m sure they have heard everything. Have you felt your baby move? Take good care of yourself and that baby from now on, no exceptions. As long as you are putting your child’s needs first you can’t go wrong.


          [bThers No Reason Why Your Baby Shouldnt Be Growing.. But If Youre Really Worried Se Your Doctor x][/b]


            all woman are diff some get bigger than others if your really worried talk to your doc they can so an ultrasound i think your ok though. good luck


              hey i have the same problem. im 19 weeks and 3 days today. each friday im another week but .. im not very big at all.. i mean ive only gained 7 pounds and im almost 5 months.. o im 15 years old and stuff.. but what do you mean you drank untill 3 months..

              you were drinking until you were 3 months pregnant??


                everyone gains weight differently and babies develope differently also, BUT u drinking and smoking through some of ur babys most important developmental stages could be having an effect, have u talked to ur doc about this possibility?…just remember to stay calm and not stress because that’s not good for the baby…..good luck


                  Everyone grows at a different rate, and the babys grow at a different rate as well. Smoking and drinking could both possibly be part of the to your doctor about if theres anything going on, because of the drinking or smoking. Sometimes an ultrasound can show how big your baby is and how much it weighs and all of that. So idk get checked out by your doctor if you are worried.


                    Im 19 weeks preggo and I havent noticed any big changes either.. i kno u wrote this a couple of months ago,.. but i got a small belly w/ out any strech marks.. cuz i use alot of cream

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