Is it true?

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      I’ve seen it on a couple different sites and am just wondering if it is true that you can start having symptoms up to around a week after conception.

      Is it true? I’m just curious because I have all the symptoms, but I have to wait a little while longer before I can take the test. I’d also like to know because if it is true, there are little things I’d like to be doing just in case.

      Thanks. 🙂


        yes i think its true. look out for things such as nausea, dizzyness and breast tenderness.

        i think i may be pregnant too, just got what im sure is a positive test, as im late, have tenderness, dizzyness, more frequent urination, my appitite has increased, and im according to fiance- quite grumpy lol. ive also been tidying and cleaning more lately, but that may be unrelated.

        good luck for when you take the test


          yes it is true. you might start feeling morning sickness, exhastion, tender breasts, and more as early as a week after conception.

          gina lynn



            I was wondering about all that. My breasts are tender (and bigger :blink: ), I’m so tired all the time, my mood swings are horrible, so is the nausea, I have to use the restroom more than I ever had, and I’m craving things SO strongly. (Right now it’s cheese. :laugh: )

            Still have a little bit to wait until I can take the test, though. I’m getting married around the time I can take the test and have it be accurate, so maybe I’ll have an interesting wedding present for my man. Hehe.

            Thanks again.


              My first symptom was tiredness.


                Yes it is true.
                My breasts hurt so bad by the time I was a week along that I was sure I was pregnant even though the test didn’t confirm it until after my missed period that I was. So cheer up you might just be having a baby Oh yeah if you go to the doc they can do a blood test and tell you 100% if you are or not
                as soon as the day after conseption.


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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