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      My last post had an error. My boyfriend says what we do isnt sex, I hope it is true, but I REALLY need to kow


        do u not no what sex is? it is only sex if e puts his penis into u and have sex. if e hasnt done that then u havent had sex. if u need any help with anything or u have any questions then just email me, x


          ok so i replied to ur other post…but i have to know how old u r, cuz u sound too young to messing around with guys if u don’t know what sex is….


            What happened was that on Christmas day I called my bf up and asked if he wanted to hang out, my family had gone to my grandparents for the night, I was supposed to work in the am so I was staying behind.

            He came over and Ikissed me like id never been kissed before, my legs got weak and next thing I knew we were in bed undressed and he got on me, i said i wasnt ready to hacve sex and he said it was only really sex if he cummed while in me, we kissed and it was in me, it didnt last long, but since then we have messed around like that, I worry that he is cumming inside me. How can I tell 4 sure?
            I turned 15 in March


              umm…I would also like to know how old you are, I mean, I am young too, and pregnant so I know what sex is and I would imagine every girl over the age of 10 to know…so please tell me you age!


                Ok, if he is putting his penis inside of your vagina then it is sex regardless of if he is ejaculating or not. You are risking getting an STD or pregnant if you are not using a condom. There is sperm present in precum and it also sounds like you are having trouble understanding and maintaining control of the situation. If you guys continue to fool around this way I strongly suggest you get on some sort of birth control and also have him use a condom anytime his penis enters your vagina.


                  Hey sweetie it is sex if it is inside of you!!! If he doesnt ejaculate it doesnt mean that you didnt have sex…it sounds like this guy is feeding you full of lies!!! I wouldnt trust him!! If he told you that it isnt sex unless he ejaculates then he probably did and lied to you about that too!!! Dont let him near you with a ten foot pole and make sure you talk to your mom about this even if you think she will be mad…your parents have the right to love you and protect you….Love and Prayers Meg


                    you had full blown sex! what you just described was nothing but sex




                        You said you worry he is "cumming inside you." Guess what. He might be pulling out at the last minute, but the whole time he’s inside you, he’s leaking. So, don’t believe a word he says about it not being sex. He’s a liar who’s preying on your age and lack of knowledge. Talk to a school nurse if you’re afraid to talk to mom and dad.


                          But how can I tell? I am kinda worried he was. Would be bad if he was.


                            Hi – I’m Lisa and I’m from the Stand Up Girl website and I just wanted to respond to your recent posting. Well – after reading your e-mail, I’m seeing that it is very definite that you ARE having sex.

                            Can I say one thing … it’s very important that you know and realize that even if your boyfriend does not ‘finish’ the act while you are having sex – you STILL CAN GET PREGNANT. There is sperm in the mans lubrication so pregnancy is still possible.

                            Please know that you are playing with fire right now. This is exactly how many girls find themselves pregnant and if he is telling you that you are not having sex – he is absolutely wrong.

                            I will also tell you that birth control is NOT an alternative. You STILL can get pregnant on any form of birth control there is. The only one you cannot get pregnant on is abstinence.

                            I got pregnant on the pill and I know many girls that have gotten pregnant using all other forms of birth control (even using multiple at one time). Birth control also does not protect you from STDs (Sexually Tranmitted Diseases).

                            I’m sorry to be so ‘straight forward’, but it is important that you do KNOW that you are definitely running a risk of pregnancy as you ‘play around’ like this.

                            I hope you will maybe consider backing off quite a bit. It really isn’t worth it. Trust me – I’ve been there, I know.

                            We have a place on our site where you can buy some really cool jewelry called "TLW" (True Love Waits) because it does wait. Would you like to check it out?


                            I hope you consider this. It’s something that I chose to do before I got married and I will tell you it is so worth saving yourself until marriage. Really it is sooooooooo worth it!

                            Please think about it.

                            Luv Lisa


                              well im guessing he would have finished the act whether it was in you or not, and my guess being that if there wasnt anything (sperm) on the sheets (or whereever) it was probably in you. i dont like the sound of this guy im sure he knew what he was doing was sex and he did it even after you told him not to. and yea even if he didnt ejaculate inside you, there would have been pre-sperm which can get you pregnant. it doesnt sound like you are ready to be continuing a sexual relationship, you should find out all the risks and get yourself on b/c before you think about doing it again. also an std check would be a good idea.


                                thanks you were right

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