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      is it possible to get pregnant without actually having sex? like, if the penis goes near the vagina for just a second..but not in it- and the guy hasnt ejaculated? i heard u can, and u cant..please help me. im really stressing.


        Hi Kelsi!

        My name is Rachel and I help Becky on the website, working on the forums.

        In your question, you asked if the penis goes close to the vagina without having sex, can you get pregnant. Well, this depends. Guys not only have actual ejaculation with sperm that causes pregnancy, but they also have "pre-ejaculate" fluid. This isn’t sperm, but it’s a small amount of clear liquid that comes from the penis once a guy is aroused. This fluid does sometimes contains live sperm. It can be different every time, but there isn’t any way to know at the time whether that fluid contains sperm or not, but there is a chance of it containing sperm.

        And, if a guy ejaculates somewhere on your body without it entering your vagina, there is a chance of pregnancy depending on where it goes. Sperm have tails, so they are somewhat mobile. Now, it’s not going to swim up your arm or anything! But, just know that sperm are designed to be mobile!

        I’m 19 years old, and I’m the mother to a 2 year old little girl. I had her when I was sixteen, and while she’s the center of my world, there are a lot of things I’ve missed out on because I got pregnant so young. I got pregnant with my boyfriend wearing a condom. Condoms have 15% failure rate, making them only 85% effective on average. And if you don’t use one and try the "withdrawl" method, somewhat like you’ve described, there is not a high rate of effectiveness either! So abstinence is your only bet of 100% effectiveness against pregnancy.

        I’d love to talk to you more, if you have any more questions or anything! You can email me at or respond here. 🙂


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