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      Hello everyone. My name is Ashlie. I’m 18 years old and about to start college. I’ve been with my boyfriend for four years. We’ve always been very responsible when it comes to sex and have never had a real pregnancy scare.

      I’ve been on birth control, but a few weeks back I missed about 4 pills. My boyfriend always pulls out. However, since I did miss the pills, and pulling out by itself isn’t very reliable, there is about a 20% chance that I could have gotten pregnant.

      Well, a week or so ago my nipples started hurting. It seemed too early for it to be PMS, and I rarely get sore nipples before my period. I squeezed one of them just to see if anything would come out. A small amount of clearish white fluid came out of my right breast. It confused and scared the heck out of me to say the least.

      I took a pregnancy test last Tuesday and Wednesday but that would obviously have been too early since I still haven’t gotten my period. I got nervous and took another one yesterday, but it wasn’t in the morning like you’re supposed to. My period is now about 2 days late. Usually sex will trigger my period even a few days early, and still nothing despite our attempts.

      I’ve started feeling really nauseated, and I have cramps but they feel different. They feel a bit more high up than a normal menstrual cramp. I’ve been gassy and extremely sleepy. I’ve also been going to the bathroom a lot more than usual. I don’t know if I’m imagining all these things. If I was pregnant, I’d only be about 4 weeks along.

      People have said I might be stressing–but I really don’t have much reason to stress. More than anything in the world I want a baby–and although this wouldn’t have been a planned pregnancy–I’d welcome it with open arms. My boyfriend has been surprisingly, amazingly supportive. I always assumed that if I did get pregnant he’d at least want me to consider abortion, but he hasn’t even tried. He is being stronger than I am and telling me that everything will be okay, etc. He doesn’t want a baby right now, but he couldn’t bare to kill his own child. I am 100% pro-life so abortion has always been out of the question.

      Our parents would ofcourse be a bit angry, but I know that in the end they’d be supportive.

      Is it possible that I could be pregnant despite the negative result yesterday? Like I said, I didn’t test with my morning pee. My boss said that she got 3 negative test results with her current pregnancy. It also seems like the negative result is coming way too quickly–within like 5-10 seconds.

      If I’m not pregnant, this would be a really sick joke. :S


        Hey there,
        It’s a good possibility that you could be pregnant. And it actually says right on the boxes of the Home pregnancy tests that you don’t necessarily need first morning pee. So if you take a test later in the day it should be good enough. My doctor instructed me to wait and see if my period came and if it did if it was different and just wait and as soon as I didn’t get it or it was peculiar to take another test then. So if you haven’t gotten your period within a week or two to when you were supposed to get it, then take another test and see. If again you think you still could be then go see the doctor and explain and they might be able to figure out if it is pregnancy and if it isn’t what it could be.


          Hi im new to this site me and my bf have been trying for about 9months and now all of a sudden im always hungry and having a lot of cramping and gas and craving weird food and when lay down at night. I feel something like a flutter and my bf say my atitude have change im a little snappy towards people if i am i dont notice it. And the other day i picked up a a baby about three months and bust out crying like i did something to her and she wouldnt stop crying until i hand her over to someone then she stoped so i was like let me try this again so she started cryin again so do anybody know what this me could these be signs of pg anybody knows


            its very well possible u need to either go get a blood test or wait and see if ur period comes and if it doesn’t then test i honestly dont know if i missed my P when i got a very fast bold pos test bc my p was so messed up after i had my son. the pic is in my page and i was only a wk late w my daughter when i got the pos result and with my son i hadnt missed my p yet and got a faint pos. hope u get the results u want good luck!


              get a blood test done, my husbands mom when she was preg with him did many HPT and got negatives, went to the doc and did their tests and got negatives, and finally she had them do a blood test and it was positive, so there are cases that negatives show on the HPT but u are actually preg and a blood test will show it…

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