is it possible i am pregnant???

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      hi how are yall?? okay i need to know if there is a possibility that i am pregnant. me and my boyfriend had sex on Feb 10 and my period usually starts on the 1st or 2nd of each month and last for about 5-7 days and the first days are pretty heavy and i have horrible cramps. well we used condoms but i am not on birth control. and the whole month afterwards i was really tired, moody, neasous randomally and i would have dizzy spells for no reason…then i was a week late on my period and i started having horrible cramps but nothing happened just one spot of brown blood. then at the end of the next day i started but it was not really heavy and it lasted for 2 days and i had no cramps at all which was really odd!! and on the 3rd day i just had a little spotting…now its march 23 and i still feel like this except now my nipples are sore to the touch and seem bigger…i dont know if i am just scaring myself…do you think i should just wait to see if i start in the beginning of april to see if i start and if its short or if i dont start take a test???

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