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      this is goin on with me too. me and my boyfriend had sex on Feb 10 and my period usually starts on the 1st or 2nd of each week and last for about 5-7 days and the first days are pretty heavy and i have horrible cramps. well we used condoms but i am not on birth control. and the whole month i was really tired, moody, neasous randomally and i would have dizzy spells for no reason not to mention a lot of headaches…then i was a week late on my period and i started having horrible cramps but nothing happened just one spot of brown blood. then at the end of the next day i started but it was not really heavy and it lasted for 2 days and i had no cramps at all which was really odd!! and on the 3rd day i just had a little spotting…now its march 23 and i still feel like this except now my nipples are sore to the touch and seem bigger…i dont know if i am just scaring myself…do you think i should just wait to see if i start in the beginning of april to see if i start and if its short or i dont start take a test???


        I wasnt sure if I was pregnant or not so I never said anything and never got a test. At the beginning of this month I got rly super sick and ended up going to the hospital for a bladder infection (common during pregnancy) that had advanced into a kidney and then blood infection. It bordered on kidney failure. I also felt nauseous and headachy/moody at the very beginning of my pregnancy. I’d say wait b/c it’ll only be your 2nd month if u are and b/c ur next period would happen soon if it were to happen. But then if it doesnt come get a test right away. I found out that there’s a lot of screening and such that takes place in early pregnancy and I missed it b/c I didnt find out until i was 5 months along. Good luck!


          I think you should take a pregnancy test…if it comes out negative go to the doctor! goin throgh something similar…i was sopose to get my period da 20th but it was juss a little bit of blood and i havent seen anything yet!…i took 2 pregnancy tests but both were negative!!…well anyways you should take a test if its negative go to the doctor!…Good Luck!


            Girl, I’d take the test! Cause if u are pregnant, it’s not normal to be bleeding or even just spotting a lil! If it comes out positive I’d hurry and go to the doc!

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