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      Almost two month’s ago I had an abortion. One of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, and I know I will always regret it. My life is slowly going back to normal, I can go a few days without thinking about it and becoming sad. Within the last month the only thing I can talk about is having another baby, and I don’t really understand why. Is it normal to want a baby so soon right after an abortion?


        ive never had an abortion but to me it sounds like guilt, you obviously werent ready to have a baby and an abortion would be a hard thing to do.
        after you have 1 id say you feel sad and guilty and could think that getting pregnant again would somehow make up for the termination. but please dont go get yourself pregnant again coz your obviously not ready and it would mean you had a baby terminated for nothing


          From what i have heard it is very common to want another baby straight away to take away the pain and emotions, but you have to grieve first before thinking about another. The same thing might happen again. Did your parents push you into abortion?


            Yes hun, it’s completely normal to want a baby right after an abortion. I think it is called ‘post abortion syndrome’ or something.
            I’m sorry to hear about your sadness and pain! I know that abortion is incredibly hard to deal with.
            Are you ok? How are you doing?


              Hey Girl!
              Yes, it is normal. You are feeling a heavy burden and it is totally normal.

              Although I have not had an abortion (almost did…) my second daughter was stillborn -meaning she died in my womb when she was full term-. I too struggled with wanting another baby right away.

              Even if you had always planned on aborting your baby, your body was still preparing for it to be born. So you had increased hormones and things that now have nothing to prepare for.

              That, on top of the mental reality of what you did I’m sure is making your head spin.

              It is not a good idea to go out and try to get pregnant again to help ease the pain of your suffereing. No matter what, it will never bring your other child back, in fact, it can be quite a heavy load mentally.

              Although my situation was different, being pregnant again after a loss is very difficult. It’s not all rosey and cheeky like you think it might be.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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