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      I’m 20 and I had abortion when I was 17(even I don’t want to do that)
      Now, I’m pregnant. Last period I had was around Aug.20-24 I’m not sure..
      Then I went to the hospital because I got a positive pregnancy test(Sept. 28)
      And the doctor said “it might be too early to tell or its ectopic pregnancy
      or its false alarm” and i’ll be going back for next week. but after the
      hospital I have really bad breast sore, morning sickness and tiredness.
      So I know that I’m pregnant. But there is no sign of ectopic too! which is good for me.
      then i went back to the hospital(Oct. 5) and the doctor saw the small sac and I was shock because it was little and no yolk sac. but the doctor said it was ok.
      It’s normal and It’s not ectopic. but the development is slow if that is the last I had
      my period.I must be 6-7weeks pregnant but the ultrasound and the baby’s size is 4weeks old. I’m little worried about that.

      And Is it normal to feel sad and conscious because of my health and my baby.
      I feel sad feeling that my baby gonna suffer because of my body and health I’m so worried. I feel like I’m bad person letting myself pregnant but have a bad health.:(
      Is that normal to feel this kind of things? I don’t know if I can do this.
      I’m sad for my baby if anything happens with my pregnancy.=(((( HELP!
      What should I DO??:(


        Though I’ve never been in your situation, I know I would be feeling the same things and having similar thoughts! All your emotions and worrying about your baby’s health is SO normal, but you still have to figure out the right next actions. Listen to your gut and stand strong. I believe you can make it through! You do not know what is possible and the miracles that you might see in your pregnancy. Talking with your doctor about your health and what you might do to help the pregnancy would be a good idea. I’m praying for you and the little one ~ Renee


          Thank You.. And Good news!:)
          My Baby is fine and healthy:)
          I think God hears our prayer!:)
          Thank You again! Godbless^^


            Thanks for writing me back!!! This is so good to hear, your baby is healthy 🙂 . YES, I do believe God hears prayers. Pray and be honest with Him. He’s not a genie in a bottle, but He loves to know everything happening with us and all our requests. Ultimately, He’s bigger and sees things we don’t, so His decisions are best! God bless you the little one, and thanks for keeping me posted 🙂

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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