Is it bad the father is 9 yrs older than me?

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      Hey, I’m new to this. I just found out Saturday that i’m pregnant. I’m too scared to tell my mom or anyone else right now. The father and i arent really close, i go to church with him and babysit his 4 year old son. I’m 16 and he’s almost 25. I dont know what i’m suppost to do now. I want to keep this baby but i dont know how i’m going to do it. I know that he wont want it and that he’ll probably encourage me to have an abortion but thats not what i want. I cant stop thinking about what my life is going to be like from now on. Does anyone relate to this?? Thanks in advance!


        Well…sister, not knowing the specifics on this situation, it makes me think you have been taken advantage of. This is a very difficult situation. Feeling alone is the worst. You need to talk with someone you respect and trust. If not, go to your local pregnancy resource center. They have awesome people there that care deeply for ladies in your shoes and can help.

        But don’t let anyone pressure you into an abortion. I can tell you from experience, aborting is something you’ll regret for the rest of your life. Both keeping your baby and adoption are very loving choices. You may not have all the answers, but they will come in time, especially with good support. Just follow your heart and take one day at a time. Hang in there.



          My situation was very similar to yours. My boyfriend was a lot older than me and when I found out that I was pregnant, I told him, his reaction shocked me, I thought he loved me, but he turned his back on me, my parents didn’t support me, I thought I was alone, but I wasn’t..there’s always someone who will give you a hand to hold. My advice to you is that you should tell him right away, but most important of all this, please it doesn’t matter what he says, don’t let him put pressure on your shoulders to go and get an abortion, believe me that’s not an easy way out, if he is not gonna support you and you think you just can’t raise this child, please consider adoption, that’s the best way to go if you can’t raise the baby, give a chance this unborn baby to live. I gave birth at 15 and I went through a lot of things, but I made it and here I am and I will never regret the choice I made: To keep my baby, and here she is, a beautiful and healthy girl, she’s 3 and half years old now, and really…every time I look through her eyes I’m 10000% sure I made the right choice. Best Wishes. keep in touch.


            Hey sweety,

            Your not alone. Im sort of in the same situation. Im 17 though and my boyfriend is 23 I might be pregnant though. Im jus as confused as you. I dont know what to do either. Im mostly worried because how will I tell my parents that Iam pregnant by an older man who’ve they’ve never met before. In a way Im happy because he loves me and he wants to be there for me and take care of us if iam. Im jus terried to death of what my parents will to do to him. I mean you are aware that its illegal right? :unsure: I wish you the best with your dilemma. And if you need someone to talk to Im here 4 you, cuz I myself need someone too.



              o dear…is he married? you didnt mention but i was just curious…nobody can make you do things you dont want to…well they can but in matters pertaining to your baby its all you. if anyone says anything bout that age difference whip out michael douglas and cathrine zeta jones…iwas once with a guy 13 yrs older than me and that was my excuse to everyone (hes not my daughters dad) on top of that if your parents are A-noy-d like they have evry right to be, tell them right now more than anything you need their help and could they have gotten an abortion with you? a parents love is an amazing thing, is you can use it right youll see for yourself in a few months…good luck

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