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      I am trying for a baby with my husband, and although I am only a day late I have been feeling bloated and need to pass wind alot (it’s embarrassing) over the last couple of days I also have a stomach ache because I haven’t been to the loo but it’s a case of not being able to, I have also been feeling mildly nauseous as well.
      How soon can I do a pregnancy test??? I did one about a week ago just out of curiosity and it was negative this may be obvious that it was going to be negative as I did it early but I have no idea if you can detect pregancy before your period due date has passed.


        you should try another test now that you missed your period, and do it in the morning because it will be more accurate. the other one you took was probably to soon to tell, so try again now. good luck.

        gina lynn


          Ok well I am now 4 days late (including today) and I did a test on Tuesday which again was negative I have never felt so disappointed! Does it really make that much difference if you do a test in the morning rather than the evening and I also did a dip test which personally I won’t use again as it is too fussy!


            I know its hard but i would wait a few weeks to test again.t still could be too early to detect anything. Maybe go the the doctors to see about fertility medication? Good luck to you


              welll it’s a possibility that you may be pregnant, i went through similar symptoms. waite about a week anda half and take another pregnancy test. the first two test dont always work. I hope things turn out good for you !!!!!!!!1


                i have missed my cycle on 10/17/06 and i hae no signs of preg i have taken several preg test and they are all neg… but my stomach is a little tender is that a sign and i have a lot of heart burn but that could be acid reflux i don’t no i just wanted to know everybody has different sign everybody is different just wanted to ask this question anything will be helpful


                  Give it a week and take another test. I found out 4 days after my missed period that I was pregnant but I had known for weeks that I was



                    Try not to be disappointed or discourage. It would normally take a healthy couple about 12 months of tryin in order to get pregnant. Symptoms of pregnacy and your period are almost exactly alike for teh first couple of weeks, Nausea doesn’t start usually until you are 6 weeks along. Blood tests are more accurate, and you can be positive as to whether you are or aren’t pregnant. Pregnancy test are not so fast at detecting but most of them work right after you miss your period. Good luck to you and keep tryin, good things happen to those who wait 🙂


                      i would try another test asap.

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