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      Hello, I know you have about eighteen billion threads with this topic, but I was wondering if I was pregnant and I’d like some help. I had sex (unprotected, very stupid choice) on Friday and since then I’ve been having mood swings. That and I’ve been hungry non stop and also been gaining wieght fast around my waist and stomach. I’ve also been tired and sleeping much more than usual, everytime I come home from school I’ve been napping for at least three hours or until my parents get home. All day at school I feel clouded in the head and can’t concentrate. Today when we were practicing a short play we’re going to do for my Advanced Theater final I layed down on my stomach and felt hardness where my uterus would be. Is it possible that I’m pregnant? Thank you.


        It is possible that u are pregnant for the simple fact that you had unprotected sex. But, symptoms dont usually start tis soon after. Wait until your next period, and if you miss then take a test. Thats all the help i can give for now. But if you find out you are, i will be more then happy to talk to you and help you through it. I’ve had two babies and am on my third. So i know a little about being pregnant! 🙂




          There is always a possiblity of pregnancy when you have unprotected sex. Now, more information is needed about your cycle, like when was the first day of your last monthly period and to see if you were even fertile (i.e ovulated) around the time of intercourse. Based on a 28 day menstrual cycle if you were fertile around last Friday the 13th ( scary) then you should be expecting your period around the 27th of May. Since it has been only six days since you had sex it really is too soon to be experiencing any pregnancy symptoms. A fertilized egg takes 7 to 12 days to travel down the fallopian tube and implants in the uterus, which occurs shortly before your period is due. When implantation occurs is when your body starts realizing that it is pregnant. Now with that being said you are not far enough along to detect pregnancy, the first test you can take is a blood pregnancy test at the doctors office, which can detect hCG in your blood as early as 8 to 10 days after ovulation has occured. That would be around the 21st through the 23rd for you and the earlest that you would be able to take a home pregnancy test is around the 27th of May. Now, like I said this is just based on a regular 28 day cycle, more information is needed about your cycle to narrow down your possiblities of pregnancy. So write me back to let me know.


            Well, I took two different pregnancy tests from paranoia and they both were negative. But today I had some bleeding, this kind of worries me and I’m still gaining weight. Let’s see, I always have my period around the last two weeks of the month and I should be getting it either this weekend or next weekend. So far the bleeding’s very light and it’s not normal.

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