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      Me and my boyfriend thought we were ready for a baby, it was what (at the time) we both wanted so i came off the pill about a week ago and we had sex bla bla… and no wits suddenly hit me that i dont think im actually ready for a baby.. im 2 young and theres loads of things i yet still want 2 do with my life so im back on the pill again but im so scared that i left it 2 late and that i probarly will be pregnant or am already 🙁 i know the chances are there of me being pregnant but how high do u think they are? we had unprotected sex for like a week sometimes more than once in the one day… any advice would be great xxxx


        you know you could be pregnant, its quite a high possibility if u have unprotected sex. BUT saying that, if you look at all the people on here who are trying for a baby, it takes them more than a week to conceive, sometimes months or years of unprotected sex. then again, some girls get pregnant the first time, it all depends on ur own personal fertility…the only thing u can really do is wait and get a test.

        let me know, good luck and plz dont worry yet xx


          You’ll be surprised at how effective and long lasting birth control can be. I understand that you have a need to be concerned. With the experience in my life, my friends, and other stories I have heard, you’ll be alright. Schedule an appointment to see your doctor or clinic asap!


            it usually takes longer than a week for your body to respond have an egg mature and release it… try not to worry too much….if it turns out that u r preg good luck and don’t do anything you’ll regret….

            Taurus babe

              I got preg very quickly after getting off my pills. I hope you’re not (if that’s what you’re wanting). Get a pregnancy test and go find out. What does your BF have to say about this.

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