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      Hey ladies, I just noticed that there were a lot of posts recently about birth control, can I get pregnant on the pill, will the pill hurt my unborn baby, trying to get pregnant but still on the pill, etc. I just wanted to take a minute to ask a few questions and also to point some things out. If the purpose of taking birth control is to not get pregnant then how come so many people get pregnant on the pill? If this is the case then why is there so much trust placed in this pill? If someone is not ready for children and they are married then it might be a good idea to practice some form of birth control because it can decrease the chances but if a person is not married then why take the chance that the pill will fail? There are some stats out there that have shown that one of the ways the pill works is that if it fails to keep you from ovulating then it will automatically flush a fertilized egg, aka baby, out of your body. Now I have noticed that many of the girls who have had birth control questions are against abortion is they do become pregnant, do you realize that you could have become pregnant many times already and that your body has in a sense aborted your babies that you have never known about? The pill and also other types of birth control are not 100% accurate, the only method of preventing pregnancy that works all the time is abstinence, which brings me to some more questions….is sex the main thing in your relationship that holds you two together? Have you thought about waiting and abstaining until marriage? If you have mentioned it to your boyfriend and he threatens to break up with you do you think he really loves you? If you were to get married and your husband was damaged in an accident and was unable to have sex ever again would you stay with him? If so then can you wait till marriage to have sex if you would go the rest of your life without it? These are just some things that went through my mind when I found out I was pregnant with my son about 5 years ago, I chose to remain abstinent until my wedding night and I have never regretted that, I had been sexually active for over 10 years and I then spent 2 1/2 years celibate and my wedding night was fantastic and having sex with my husband has far exceeded any closeness or intimate moments form my past…it is worth the wait…please consider respecting your body both by waiting until marriage to have sex and also by not pumping it full of crazy hormones that affect you in so many ways and that potentially risk the lives of unborn babies…this is not aimed at anyone in particular but I do hope that it helps us all to think a little more about this body of ours, we only get one and we need to take care of it…Love Meg


        Thanks for the post Meg! I’ve chosen to remain abstinent until marriage.
        But I do have a question… if the pill is not something that anyone should use, what form of birth control do you use? Or do you not use birth control at all? (If that’s too personal you don’t have to answer!)


          I had my tubes tied after I gave birth last June, my husband and I both decided that 4 kids was enough…LOL….plus I had so many complications and risks with my pregnancy and we didn’t want to risk any further issues with my life or with a child so we decided that permanent birth control was the best option for our family…now for a married couple who is not wanting to have children right away but will eventually try the safest methods are the barrier methods, including condoms, spermicide and the diaphragm….there is also natural family planning where you keep track of your cycle and most fertile times and abstain during that week…the issue is that these methods can fail too just like any other method so that is why it is important to be married when you are sexually active so that if the method does fail you have a husband to be by your side to support you…I hope this helps and explains a bit more….Love Meg


            Hi Kirsty,
            Yes Meg’s correct about all of the optional forms of bc….but to a woman’s body, they are all unnatural and man made……therefore dangerous. Anything that goes into our bodies should be in the most natural state as possible. (food, liquid, medicines etc….) The risks of other problems stemming from man made products, chemicals used in processing, or additives and artificial anything has been linked to cancerous cells. Even in the uterus and breasts.

            Natural Family planning is what my husband and I practice to prevent pregnancy at certain times in our life. (especially after back to back babies) There is a lot to it, but can be an effective way of tracking your ovulation cycle and abstaining from sex during that time, or joining together to creat life.

            God bless,


              I totally agree with you Meg, I wish I woulda read this when I was 14. I would have waited. Well I can’t really cut it off right now with my boyfriend since we’ve already been together a year and half and we’ve already had sex. Though if things ever go sour, and I date anyone else I’m going to wait. What a sure way to know if a guy really loves you or not too. Too wait for you and only you, and if they break it off then good because I just saved my self some regret LOL. I wish I would have read this though, I used to be too shy, now I can tell em “BACK OFF” haha. Thanks for bringing this up, I’m sure lots of girls will read this and change their minds.
              Yeah and I agree about the man made products as well.


                As a woman,I would just like to encourage and suggest to you, that it is never too late to say ‘NO’ to sex for the dignity of yourself. Whether in a married state of life, or unmarried. If you’ve decided to have sex with your boyfriend or your husband, it is your choice. Likewise, it is also your choice to say, “NO, I cannot do this anylonger because there has to be something more that holds us together……married or not.”

                There is no reason for a woman or young girl to go along with ‘having sex’ if it will compromise the dignity of their soul, their future, or their self esteem. It shouldn’t matter how long you’ve been together and how many times you’ve been intimate.

                My point here, please understand, is not to offend anyone. I am only stating what I feel to be a very important issue that needs to be addressed. As a young couple, my husband and I were not always in the best mind frame to be with oneanother as God would wish for us, but youth and passions usually took the lead in our early years of marriage, and our being together intimately was not what we would be proud of now. It was a selfish love that was used against oneanother to get what we wanted, or to be withheld from oneanother as a punishment for what we felt we weren’t receiving from the other. Young couples today are no different, married or not. If your boyfriend is still with you, wonderful….but ask yourself, why isn’t there a committment yet after so long of being together. Why couldn’t there be? What is holding us back from getting married? Is our arrangement too convenient to rock the boat? Ask yourself these things and see what part sex plays in your relationship.

                My husband and I had to come a long way to get where we are now. Our view of intimacy with oneanother is what God intended it to be. I wish the same for all of you with the men in your life.

                God bless you,


                  Oh ok, neat… Since I decided to save sex for marriage, I’ve kind of avoided talk about birth control so I don’t really know much about it. But as I get older and hopefully closer to getting married, I start wondering what kinds of birth control I could use someday that would not harm a fertilized egg or whatever. 🙂
                  Thanks for answering my question ladies!

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