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      my boyfriend says he really wants children but not right now. Which I understand, but i had a few slip ups wiv my pill recently and both of us are worried i may be pregnant, but he seems to think that if iam an abortion is the best option but i dont and i dont thnk our relationship could last if i was pregnant and had an abortion, my mum passed away not that long ago and my boyfriend thnks that this is clouding my judgements. but i dont thnk it is. its not as if we are too young he is 29 and im 25 and both have fairly decent paying jobs. Is he right am i letting loosing my mum cloud my judgements? :S


        no sweety ur absolutely right, choosing to end a life is never a good option, infact u sound really sensible and intact…. i think he might be abit scared of the baggage or responsibity that cums with a baby…. men dont usually like sudden and unexpected changes in their life…. ur judgement is not clouded, its excellent!!!


          A woman becomes a mother when she finds out that she’s pregnant… a man becomes a father when he can actually see and touch the baby…

          I think yr judgement is quite clear and resonable when you think about a relationship after an abortion, however, I don’t think that should be yr only motivetion. Yr both consenting adults and wether it was a whoopsie or a planned pregnency, you could have a life growing inside of you right now.
          But, don’t put the cart before the horse… wait till yr late and then take a test and find out for sure. Try not to stress about it, coz that’ll delay yr period even more.

          If you seriously consider having an abortion, first read the “After the choice” forum… it’ll really make you think twice.

          Good Luck
          Evangeline xox


            Abortion is NEVER the right option, ever, ever, ever!! I am so sorry to hear about your mom, this touches a deep note for me, I lost my mom to suicide when I was pregnant with my first, I was 19 and single and had a restraining order on the dad, my life couldn’t have been a bigger mess, looking back things just seemed hopeless, my life now is wonderful, I still miss my mom and I have consequences such as having to explain to my daughter why she doesn’t see her dad and why I had a baby before I was married etc, but she is so worth it, if you turn out to be pregnant do not get an abortion, you can do it alone if your boyfriend flakes out on you but you will never regret allowing your own flesh and blood, your child to live!! Love Meg


              thank u all 4 the advice. Im just ova a week late but im going to take a test tomorrow, ill let you’s know how it went. I don’t feel as scared any more, thank u xxxxxxx


                aww im sorry to hear about ur mum meg, thank u so much for the advice. I hope all is well and good for u, take care love and hugs xxxxxxxx


                  i did a pregnancy test saturday and it was negative!!!!!!! ill do another in 2 weeks time just to be 100% sure xxxx

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