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      i dont know if i am or not . i took a test yesterday and it said negitive .i started bleedin alittle but its not my normal period . its more like blood clots . i dont know if i should wait to take another one or not please help me


        I would wait a few days and take another. When I found out I was pregnant I took the test about the first day that I was expecting my period and it was positive. I used First Response.


          the best advice i can give you is to wait a few days and take another… i know its scary and you want to know now… if your period doesn’t clear up and it says negative, then i would suggest goig to a clinic and getting tested there, just to be safe.


            😉 hi there you probably tested to early wait a couple of days you might also be stressing out too that can delay your peirod.



              Two weeks would be on the extremely early end of when you would be able to detect pregnancy. It may have been too early. I would wait another week or two and take another test if you don’t have your normal period. Or you could go to the doctor to get checked out and find out more information about what is going on with your body.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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