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      Ladies, how soon into your pregnancy did you start feeling irritable?

      This whole last week I’ve been a complete mess. I break down crying over the stupidest things. Today I found myself screaming at my boyfriend. And, I can’t even figure out why. I’ve never been one to get upset and yell-yet now the slightest thing can set me off it seems.

      I talked to him about this, and I know I love him, and that he loves me. But, I don’t know what to do. I hate being mad.

      Any advise?


        Talk it through. Find out what your mad about and ask yourself if it is worth being mad it.

        It not then just let it go. You don’t need the added stress of being mad over something that isn’t more important to you then your boyfriend or baby.

        Although, I’ve never been in your shoes, so I can only hope this helps.


          Well unfortunately that often comes with pregnancy. With the extra hormones you are bound to do that. I would just prepare your bf that you love him but when you get in those mood just listen don’t fight back….hope that helps… Jessica


            Maybe just admitting to yourself that you are a little more irritable than usual and taking everything a bit slower might help. When you feel yourself winding tighter and tighter just take a sec and breathe and calm down.
            It’s probably just hormones and it’ll pass. 🙂


              Try letting your boyfriend know how confusing and complicated things are for you, especially dealing with the hormones. I know that I went through this and he just didn’t understand why I was being that way.

              This is unfortunately just the way pregnancy goes! All of this won’t matter in the next few months when you hold your baby in your arms. Just be sure to keep communicating!


                Well hate to break it to you but the emotional rollercoaster takes off pretty much day one of conception! So you and your partner are in for a rocky ride, don’t forget either, those hormones don’t calm down right after birth, you’re looking at a month and a half of the same, shrieking, smelly monster that pregnancy turns you into (hahaha I’M KIDDING, it’s not that bad really) all I can say is get LOTS of sleep, do lots of quiet couple things, watch movies, go for walks and eating well (as in one piece of chocolate cheesecake, not three) and it’ll be over before you know it! Ahhh, right, the most important thing of all for both of you, DON’T EVER, EVER lose your sense of humour 🙂
                best of luck!


                  I know EXACTLY how that feels
                  there is a reason and its pretty basic..HORMONES 🙂
                  mine are off the scale and nothing will stop them..i cry at everything..i get so mad about absolutely nothing and a second later im apologising to everyone because i realise how stupid it is!
                  explain to your boyfriend how your emotions are out of control and ask him to just be patient with you.. i dont know when it ends but its just another symptom like nausea.. trust me, you’re boyfriend is not the only guy who is probably getting shouted at for no reason..:)

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