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      How did anyone get insurance for the baby after the birth? I cant seem to get insurance through the state because i am only 17 but my parents wont cover the baby after shes born because of the generation gap. help!:dry:



        MEDICAID….if they offer it in your state!


          What state are you in?? because in NJ im pretty sure that you can get insurance for a baby even if your an illegal immigrant, as long as the baby is born here, so i dont think it says anything about age. But if it does.. do you have anyone, like maybe the baby’s dad, that might be over 18.. im sure he can get the state insurance for the baby.


            I had the same situation..I was 17 when I had my son and my parents insurance wouldnt cover it…I got medicaid while I was pregnant which covered me and my son and then I switched it over to hip (it only covers my son now) and he has the hip now until hes 18


              Have you looked into Healthwave..that is what I got.


                u can get certain kinds of coverage for u and ur baby through like medicaid…but try getting a hold of WIC…they can help….


                  What state do you live in??? I was 20 when my first was born and I had state medical so I dont know how they work with age groups. Have you tried a local pregnancy recourse center??? I know the one here will let you earn "baby bucks" for clothing and diapers and stuff and the health dept helps with immunizations and stuff. Are you involved with WIC??? I know that there has to be somewhere to help you , you just have to look really hard. May the Lord Bless you and keep you and bring you provision…take care…Meg


                    ushually you can get insurance through wic and they will sighn you up with baby your baby, who will get you state support. hope that helps.


                      Hi there! I am wishing you the best of luck on this part… Not a lot of teenagers-"people" think when they get pregnant about the insurance, just like myself… However, if you live with your parents in NY, you do not* get much help… I have learned that. With insurance, right down to food stamps. Wishing you the best…


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