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      Well my son Odin is four days late so far and the last time I saw my doctor was last Thursday and I was like, Odin is going to be super late I just know it so he said to make an appointment for this Thursday and if he isn’t here by then we’ll talk about inducing!!

      Who here has been induced?? What was it like? How long did it last? What was the procedure like? I am so curious I just want to know and I am starting to get a little nervous about him being in here for a long time because I don’t want to be giving birth to a 10-11 pound baby and besides all his little diapers won’t fit and I’ll have to buy new ones!!

      That’s another question, when it says N-10 pounds does it literally mean that? Can the diapers go a little higher (like heavier) or is it once they hit 10 pounds that’s it you have to buy a bigger size? Just wondering, that’s all.

      Thanks GIRLS!!!!!


        just whenever u feel the diapers dont fit anymore.when my son was born almost 3wks early he wore newborn diapers for the first mos after he was born. he weighed 7lbs 15oz when he was born and at 1 mos he weighed around 11lbs or over. so just whenever u feel he cant wear them anymore


          hey anna

          well idk about the diaper thingy but i know a lil about induced labour my mom went through it

          well all i know is that theres a few ways to go about it depending on ur sittuation
          well they gave my mom a drip that increased sum hormone and induced her labour they bring on the contractions and break ur water and u go into labour… the baby comes out sorta grey in colour and kinda wrinkled coz its been in the amnio fluid for too long but all that comes right before u know it..
          well thats all i know hope ive helped
          mwa tke cre

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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