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      First I’m going to give a little background…. August 12/05 I found out I was pregnent, went to the local Health Dept. they said I was 7 weeks. I eventually made it in to see my OB, and while there for the first appointment 9/12/05 he was not able to hear the heartbeat, did an ultrasound an again no heartbeat. So he scheduled me another appoinment for the following week for the Ultrasound Tech to take a look. So I went back a week later, and she did a regular ultrasound, and a vaginal ultrasound. Took the neccessary pictures so on and so forth. When we met with the Dr. he said as I was suppost to be 13 weeks, I only had an 8 week fetus. Therefore as he explained I’d had a Missed (incomplete) Miscarriage. The next day I was scheduled to have a D&C. So, now that I’ve given the background…. Since the D&C I’ve been fairly regular on my periods, starting between the 19th & 21st, one of those 3 days exactly. It is now the 25, and I still haven’t started. I am a little worried, and haven’t picked up a test yet, but have noticed a few things. A few people have mention me gaining weight, which I actually didn’t notice until I weighed myself several days ago, and have gained 5 lbs. Also on Monday the 20th before going to dinner I noticed I was bledding a little, so I went to the store picked up tampons, and when I got back home approx. 3 hours later it had stopped?!?!? Not at all normal for me. I’m a little worried I may be pregnant again. Other than those 2 I’m EXTREMELY tired, but assumed it was due to the fact I started my 2nd job on Monday, which I’m now working 68 hours a week. I didn’t have my usual cramps before my period, which is always a sign letting me know its coming. I’ve been very short with everybody lately, snapping for no reason. Not only worried that I may be, I’m worried I may lose this one if I am. The first time around we had no idea until I took the test, oddly before the D&C I’d been fairly irregular, plus with my parent’s in the middle of a divorce at that time I was blaiming the lateness on stress. As with this time around if so, we didn’t plan this, I’m afraid anything I’ve been doing the last few weeks may effect it. I’ve been battleing frequent colds this month and am taking many OTC meds for them. Well I think I’ve written enough, if anybody has any ideas (besides the obvious, TAKE A TEST) Please let me know. Thanks ***Jen



        Its now the 2nd, and I still haven’t started. I have taken 3 tests….. al negative. Should I go in and have a blood test done?? I really am worried that I am… so many of the same things are happening that happened last time. Anywho…. any advice would help. ***Jen[/b][/color][/size]


          i’m sorry to hear about your misscarage, maybe the tiredness is because of your new job and your worrying is making your period late, i hate to say the obvious but take a test its the only way to be certain, if you are pregnant then i hope evrything works out for you, good luck xxx

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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