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      I am 18 years old, divorsed, pregnant, homeless, jobless, and lonely. The father of my unborn son left me soon after i told him that we are having a boy. I am also common-law married to him but he will not acknowledge it. I am 5’5” tall and at the time he left me I weighed only 126. He told me everyday that we were together that I was too skinny and too short, and yet he is now with a girl whom is only 5’0” and weighs only 82. I am very stressed out and really need some companionship. My unborn son "Curtis Levi" is very sick, he doesn’t have a left kidney, his right kidney doesn’t function correctly, his heart is not functioning correctly, and his lungs are way underdeveloped for my stage of pregnancy. My mother is also very ill and may die any day according to her doctors. The father keeps on telling me that he will meet up with me so that him and I can discuss visitations, but he won’t show up. My step-dad hates my guts. My biological father didn’t have anything to do with me until after my 18th bday and is now out of the country at war. Not only that when I met him for the first time he told me that he is adopting a baby girl from China. His parents hate me because I am my mother’s child. My brother’s girlfriend just had a baby in October but he hasn’t let anybody in our family see her. He blames me for his best friends death. (Which on that night I was out of town about 56miles away) And in addition to all of that, I also am required to go to drug and alcohol rehabilitation every Wednesday for an hour.
      I am due any day now and really just need a friend. Someone who will be there for me to "cry on" if my son does die, or if I just need a sholder because of stress. Thank you to whomever responds, it will be appreciated.


        Hi midgetwithin,

        I didn’t want to read and not post. I can’t even begin to imagine what you must be going through right now. I hope the birth goes well for you and that something can be done to keep your son healthy. Is there anyone at the hospital where you will be giving birth who can help you with counselling, etc?

        Take care xxxx


          Wow. I’m so sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time! I will pray for you and your mother and son. I know how horrible I felt when the doctors told me that it looked like my unborn son had some developmental problems. I would do anything to make things better for him. Luckily in my case things are looking a lot more positive in terms of the baby’s health. Have you contacted a crisis pregnancy center or Birthright. Even if you are close to delivery they might be able to help you with legal issues with your ex and might be able to help with baby clothes or help you get low cost housing for yourself and the baby. It will be best for you and for the baby if you are not using drugs or alcohol. The rehabilitation may seem like a pain in the neck but is probably for the best for you and your son. If you need someone to talk to or support I am here to listen.



            hey girl i’m pregnant and olny 15. i thought i had it bad but after reading that i realized there are girls that are worse off then me. i cant really understand what your going through because im not there but im willing to help you get through this. just make a stand and you’ll get through this! i hope i can help and be there in anyway i can. sam


              hi i am only fourteen and my last boyfriend made me miscarriage now my current bf my have gotten me pregnant but i had my cycle 4 only three days and it came 6 days early so i don’t know what to do my mom will hate my guts and then i started to bleed or spot alittle the next night after i had stoped plz i need some advice


                *hugs* I’m so sorry to hear that everything is so rough! dont give up on yourself or anything else for that matter. if you have a little faith you’ll pull through. I really hope your baby pulls through, you never know, there could be a miracle in the making. I really dont know what else to say hun! All i really can say is i’m here to talk to if you need!


                  hey i don’t really know how to feel cuz i only 16 and i don’t know if i am pregnant . I am with my boyfriend and he says he will stay but sometimes i worrie if i was to ever get pregnant if he would leave i doubt it though we like best friends too and he says it his responsibility too and he wouldn’t just leave me alone . I thought my life with my mom bein an alcoholic was bad and left with a dad that sometimes cares too much but , I do send out to people that need to talk cuz sometimes i need a conversation to help me out. So i am here if u need me . Love yeas GIRLS peace


                    the best advice that i can give you right now is to try and find something positive to strive for. not only will a positive attitude make you feel better but it will drastically affect the health of your baby, stress is not good for a developing baby. you mentioned you were in drug/alcohol counseling…if you are using ANYTHING stop….that could be why your baby is under-developed. i am so sorry that you have been faced with a seemingly insurmountable task and no words can make it better, but you are the only one that can make this situation liveable and make a change. it is not fair to yourself to beat urself down for things beyond your control. keep those that are close to you close and forget everyone else. dont let judgements and harsh words discourage you, difficult as that is. if you ever need anyone to talk to, vent to or just to offer any advice i can: .because we all need a friend when facing one of the most difficult times in our lives.

                    take care and good luck

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                      hey. i’m not pregant but i know how it feels to be rejected, unexcepted, and so on. well i know almost everything but the pain that comes from being pregant. but if i was you i would buy a pregancy test soon. and if you are pregant tell your boyfriend. if he leaves you then he wasn’t a good boyfriend to start out with.
                      hope that helped

                      PS. i’ll be your friend


                        hey. im sorry to hear about your mother. i know its hard, i lost my stepfather this past year and we were very close. he was a wonderful person and has raised me. i am 17 and i am pregnant, things aren’t always easy but we can do it. i would like you to know that if you need some one i am here for you. just keep your head up and smile, everything will be alright. 🙂


                          I can’t tell you that it is going to be ok because, I don’t know but, I can say one thing stay strong even though it is very hard you have made it this far.You said you just need a friend well, if you would like to talk… I will be a friend and try to help you out…Good Luck and, I’m praying for you……..

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                            hey u can e-mail me at and well i am so tired and i am 16 and pregerent with twins and i thought i had it badbut e-mail me and i will talk to u

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