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      PLEASE HELP ME .. I really need advice, yours matter. IT REALLY DOES ..

      Well i met the love of my life when i was in 6th grade .. we were young but i knew what i felt was real & i knew he really loved me back .. the thing is that he wasnt ready .. he was too busy playin around .. we were us young and in love .. well he eventually broke my heart and i left him and ignored him for 3 YEARS STRAIGHT !! NEVER have i said a word to that boy until now ..

      But im in a relationship with my BF who i have been with for almost 2 & 1/2 yrs !! he’s great and i love him to death but ever since my first came back in my life, it feels like i believe in fairy tales again ..

      My first love & i hung out a couple of times and he expressed his feelins to me .. tellin me he never stopped lovin me but he was too scared to say ne thing to me cuz he was ashamed but i realized that i never stopped loving him either .. I dont know what to do and it makes me so upset ..

      my first love said to me last night, "Michelle, I love you." & i couldnt say ne thing back .. Ive loved him since i was 11 .. now im about to be 17 and im still in love with him .. we’re in love with eachother !!!!!!! Everytime i hear his voice or see him i get butterflies .. When he touches my arm or ne thing when hes walkin by my body freezes .. i get so shy and im always smilin around him .. I can have a good time with him without either of us even talkin .. he really makes me happy .. he was the only person i’ve ever truely wanted to be with

      should i give it a shot or leave him alone ? this really hurts me becuz i want him so bad and he wants me too but i have a boyfriend who isnt just a boyfriend but when im around my first, hes all i think about and when im with my BF i cant stop thinkin about my first and i just wanna go home and talk to him on the phone ..[/color]


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        well you must make before its to late meaning they feel like your 2 much into the other person n say forget it. its got to be hard do you love the new bf cause you have to have feelings for him rite but maybe not im love with him??? you need to ask your self all thses questions before you jump. maybe it feels old with your bf n you wnat to be with your x. well i think if you truley love your x n think hes the one i would say thats your choice than but dont threw away a good relonship with your new bf if thre is love there.i hope this helped you prob not but tell you what your heart says do that.good luck


          yes i do love my BF .. i just dont kno who i want to be with .. i wanna be with my x more right now but i think its just becuz its exciting and stuff right now .. i duno .. & i appreciated u for respondin


            hey just let life run it’s own course…cuz if ur meant to be with him then it’ll happen..and besides u feel that way cuz it is something new, when u’ve been with someone for so many years something new feels right but it may not be…i can tell u from expirience, something kinda like that happened to me but it was someone new not someone old that came into my life, BUT i’m now married to the one i’ve been with for over 3yrs now NOT that other guy..he was just something that made me realize i couldn’t live w/out my hubby….so think b4 u do ne thing….good luck


              hmm…My first thought was that an old romance comes back into the picture and it’s so exciting and passionated and all that jazz so that when you look at your present boyfrien it’s kind of like the same old thing, nothing new, nothing exciting. The fact is, if you reeally love this old boyfriend and want to be with him for a long time what are the chances that eventually he’s just going to be the same old thing to you? Excitement and lust are great, but not so much when they can hurt someone you really care about..your present boyfriend for example. Think it over and see if this is a impulsive decision based on lust and what not or if you truly love this guy and would leave your boyfriend of two years for him. I don’t know, it’s really all up to you, good luck though, I hope it works out to your liking.


                very hard situation to be in.
                In some ways i say tell the first b/f to leave you alone, you have moved on with your life now and established a good relationship.
                But then i wouldnt want to be in a relationship and love someone else which would be living a fake life. Maybe tell them both to go…i really dunno


                  I was in the same situation as you a few years ago i was totally in love with my boyfriend at the time then met someone else and fell for him. I ended up dumping my boyfriend for this guy and it was the biggest mistake i ever made!! Everything was great with the new guy until a couple of months ago when he finished with me for someone else.
                  If i could go back i would never of dumped my boyfriend.

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