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      :angry: i am having trouble with my sister-in-law and my own brother and i just needed to vent….recently my hubby and i moved out to an apartment with our baby and we haven’t had time to go get the rest of our stuff out of our old room…so my sis-in-law and brother have been disobeying our request of NOT going in there and messing with our stuff, especially since we have lots of personal and important stuff in there….BUT they keep going in and boxing stuff up and putting FRAGILE and important stuff UNDER and next to HEAVY stuff and they dont care!…and then they put stuff in the living room where her stupid dog pees on anything and everything in sight!…they all dont have any respect for anyones stuff..not even their my sis-in-law gave us this glass thing for our wedding gift and it was thrown on the bottom of a box under a bunch of heavy books!..and then a bunch of papers that have my hubby SSN on them were on the top of a pile of other papers and they were originally IN an envelope! and then they said they didnt touch that stuff…..OH and then a bunch of COLLECTORS dvd’s are either missing or brokern on the bottom of boxes and if they dont repalce them i swear im gonna sue someone!!!……AAAHHHH!!!!! i really hate them right now!


        wow, yeah that would be extremely frustrating. i would get mad about all of that too! One of these days, get all or most of your most prized possessions to your appartment, so they dont wreck any more of the things that you want to keep looking nice, or any important memories or anything like that. Did you tell them to stay the heck away from your things? gosh how immature of them. Hopefully things get better!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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