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      I had been involved in "pull-out" s*x since last March but it doesn’t affect my monthly period. I have a regular of more than 28-30 days and a regular of 5 days of menstruation. Then after i had a contact with my bf, the next morning i was bleeding already, very light and still continue for 2 days now. I was quite shocked because my period is yet to come on next week. Very quite unusual. The blood is pinkish and not that sticky as what my monthly period is as always. I didn’t feel the cramps i usually feel everytime i have my period. Only i feel the pain at my lower back. My lower abdomen is not that bulky which i usually have during my period. I feel so tired and stressed and sometimes find it hard to breathe in just a few meters of walking. I always want to sleep and really have a hard time waking up in the morning. I always feel hungry but then when i think of the food, i feel like vomitting. Could i be pregnant? Or this is just my menstruation??


        I am having the same symptoms as of late. I would wait it out and see how your period goes. If it comes then is it any different then normal? if it is different, then go see the doctor and get a test done. They can do an accurate test and help you figure out if you’re pregnant.
        I hope this helps hun!
        take care,


          If it is different from a period then yes, it could be implantation bleeding. I wouldn’t say you got pregnant from the intercourse you had the day before the bleeding occurred but possibly a week before. I would wait and test on the day that you expected your normal period. Good luck!


            Hi! Thanks to both of you.. Actually, I’m still observing my condition.. I bleed for about 3 and half days.. And then it stopped. Yesterday, it’s like a fluid pink-brownish which is very very light.. I feel like having a fever but according to my friend it’s not. I always catch my breath after a few meters of walking and feeling so tired over a li’l work. I feel like my hips are heavy in a way that i walk so real slow. Sometimes i feel a pain just like a prick of needle at the side of my lower abdomen.

            Is it possible now to test or i will wait until my period is due? Supposed to be my period should come this coming Friday, is it too early? I can’t rely most of the pregnancy kit or i need to go to doctor? Can they detect early pregnancy?

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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