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      Hey ladies πŸ™‚ ,

      I wanted to get a message across using my NaNoWriMo story and use it for a teen pregnancy story. A story of hope and overcoming problems and knowing that even though you’ve been told to grown up way earlier than you’re supposed to, you can get through it. :cheer:

      But I need some help… :side:

      I’m wondering if some of you girls could let me know how you’re feeling. Or what’s been going on. How the baby is, what it’s like. I’ve never been there but I know that it must be really hard. …I’m curious too.

      You could treat this forum thread as a blog type. Vent. Let it out.

      There’s always hope.


        im willing to help out with your teen prgnancy story, im 17 and just found out im pregnant. and already i have ALOT to vent about πŸ™‚


          i got pregnant when i was 15 and had my daughter when i was 16, she is now 9 months old and i just turned 17 today!! if you want to know anymore or about my day to day life, send me an email


            YES! Thank you so much!

            I guess the first question would be… how different does it feel now? Like… how different is it from being pregnant and not pregnant? What symptoms are you feeling and… are you going to keep the baby? (I can’t promise not to judge, but I will do my best to be a friend to you now)
            I’m Kim πŸ™‚


              I got pregnant at 15, and now I’m 16[almost 17] with a 7 month old son. I’m engaged to the babys father, and we have been together for 2 years. It aint really hard for me, Im doing good.


                It feels alot different! when your pregnant you have your child with you at all times and you dont have to worry quite as much. but now that i ha ve my daughter i worry alot! i go to a very small school, where teen pregnancy doesnt happen that much. but it seems like after i got pregnant everyone got pregnant! at school now i try to be as much of a teenager i can be, if that makes any sense. at school i try to act like a teenager but as soon as i get home its right to mommy mode. so its almost like i live 2 different lives i guess you could say… although at school i miss my daughter so much and i talk about her all the time… i will be the first to admit that i have it pretty easy as a teen mom, because my daughters dad has a really good job. so therefore i dont have to work… we have our own house together and buy all our own stuff and dont rely on anyone. im still in school, my junior year, and do really good! last grades i got all a’s and one b so thats pretty good i suppose… sometimes i get upset and stuff cuz people are out doing things that a normal teenager does but i dont get to do those things… but i love spending time with my daughter… i have to say being a mommy is by far one of the most rewarding jobs, and even though you get stressed and frustrated, its an amazing thing…


                  dear ashley,

                  i’m so glad you’re doing well. i have some other questions though, how did it feel after you realized you were pregnant and what were the symtpoms you went through? are all the rumors of strange cravings and mood swings all true? if they are when did they start? did you have morning sickness? were you thinking about aborting in the beginning? how did it feel to see your first ultrasound? Are you religious and does being religious help at all?

                  these are questions that i can only imagine to answer. i’m so glad you are doing well.

                  thank you so much for your help!

                  PS: If any of the other girls who read this forum want to answer those questions too, that’d be great. I wish you all the best


                    well it didnt feel real at all! being pregnant was so unreal to me and it didnt really hit me til i started showing and felt her kick. i had really bad heartburn pretty much throughout my entire pregnancy, and bad back aches. i honestly had no cravings at all, i guess the only thing you could say i craved was sweets lol. mood swings… i became very emotional and it was so easy for me to cry. i had morning sickness for the first like 2 months but i had it throughout the day, not just in the morning. i never considered aborting my baby. im very against abortion. i believe that if you think your old enough to have sex, then you are the one who is gonna have to step up to the plate and deal with the consequences. ultrasounds have to be one of the coolest things ever lol… i loved getting them done… i got my first ultrasound at 12 weeks and it was so cool, but she was soo tiny. i do not go to church and all that stuff, like maybe everyone in awhile but i do believe in God, but i have to say that the support system i have behind me, such as friends and family is great.. they are all very supportive and helping me finish high school and accomplish all the goals i have set for myself


                      I’m 15 years old and 10 weeks pregnant, im a freshman when i found out i went into shock i feel alone, lost and confused i wish i had someone who understands but my friends don’t get it. it wasn’t planned the condom broke i just dont know what to do.


                        Well,support is the hardest thing for me right now.I am currently pregnant and young.The father is there when he can be because he is always busy trying to finish school and he does a sport so it’s kind of hard for him to manage so much.Financially,that won’t be a problem.Finances weren’t the problem.Just being all by myself having to go to prenatal appointments and finding everything out alone ALL BY MYSELF.Men will say they love you,maybe they did but were scared to be a father.Others,just wanted to get in your panties.Another thing,dealing with what others have to say about you.Especially when your in high school you’ll be called a “slut” or a “whore”. Things like that.Then the morning sickness is even worse.But overall,the hardest thing?BEING ALONE.No family,no friends and no boyfriend.I have lots of friends that are willing to help and maybe a few teachers but the thing is that overall they have their personal lives to and I don’t want to ruin that for them because of me and my baby.I have close guy friends,my father,my ex boyfriend(the father),his friends and I have my guidance counselors.I have more then enough but at the end of the day you will have someone.Your baby and god himself….(some people believe in god)
                        So yes,you might as well wait if your thinking about getting pregnant.Because,it’s not like “aww,cute baby.” It’s way more then that πŸ™‚


                          I forgot one more thing,my ex wanted me to abort it at first then I told him I lost then a month later I told him I was still pregnant.I was pissed. I was like “I was going to have the baby behind your back,I wanted to keep it.” then he was like “I wanted to keep it.” He never admitted his feelings.It was way to much for me and a lot more pain he caused me,but he is willing to take care of baby.But,I’m not sure if we are getting back together.Maybe in the long run.We both said we were sorry.He mostly shows when he’s sorry never tells.He always told me love is an action,not a word.I also lost four friends total.But don’t worry,I have more.I knew those people for 2-3 years and they were all so close.I got about 2 of those friends back and the rest just left.One guy was pissed because he liked me and I liked him back but I hurt him because I just wanted to be friends.I felt so bad,but in the long run we became friends again πŸ™‚


                            Ashley, I love that you say being a mommy is by far one of the most rewarding jobs! I too think it’s an amazing thing…i’ve never been a mommy, but I’m looking forward to the day. I love the mother I have and am so proud of the wonderful mothers I know and get to hear about πŸ™‚ Keep it up!



                              I am twelve weeks along. For me the morning sickness started a week after I had actually conceived…cluing me in that I might be pregnant. I have only really had nausea…I only threw up twice and that was from things I smelled, not ate. :S

                              The nausea has calmed down a lot…as long as I keep a little something in my stomache every two hours.

                              I haven’t had tons of mood swings, but really a lot less patience with people and their moods…which usually don’t bother me. :woohoo:

                              I only feel different because I can’t close my pants anymore and I have become clumsy and feel a little off balance sometimes. :blink:

                              Other than that…all is good!

                              Hope I helped out! :cheer:

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