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      well…we had to put my puppy to sleep on friday. 🙁 i have been crying basically 24/7 ever since then. i loved her so much and i still do and im under so much stress..i had like a 2 day headache from stress..and my baby knew because she was kickin the hell outta me. but i would really like some support from u girls cuz it helps a lot…but we got picture frames for my puppys pix and were gonna hang up her pix along with a poem that i wrote to her..but i miss her so much..ive had support from family friends and my boyfriend but please just leave a little something!! this is so stressfull while your pregnant..im sure some of u kno just how i fell too…

      R.I.P. Baby Girl (thas my puppy’s name jus so u no)


        please dont stress as it stresses the baby out too. Thats so sad about puppy, i hope she is having fun with all the puppy friends in heaven.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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