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      I don’t know what to do, someone please give me some advice. I think I’m pregnant but the first test came out negative. I’m not exactly sure but my period was supposed to start the last week in April. It didn’t come so I took a test last Tuesday April 26th and it came out negative. I thought ok I’m just paranoid, I’ll get my period maybe my guess was just wrong. Now it’s a week later and still no period. I was going to test again this morning but I was too scared. I thought that it might still be too soon for the test to read the hormone. So I didn’t take it. I think I might have symptoms but I don’t know, my lower back hurts but I’ve had a history of a bad back, the other day I felt sick to my stomach, I’ve been tired but I might not be sleeping right, Ikeep getting cramp like feelings but I think it might just be my period coming on, I also keep going to the bathroom every five minutes not to pee but because I feel like I got my period. Can someone please talk to me what do you think? I want to wait to take another test until this weekend if I don’t get my period but the not knowing is killing me.


        I highly suggest to test again, I had to take two test the first one was positive-I didn’t belive it- the second test was done by a DR., blood test, and that one I had to belive.
        Another thing I suggest is to stop worring, I know easier said than done, if you relaxe you may get your period and then there is nothing to worry about. I know it is hard not to think about being pregnate. knowing for sure will help you calm down alittle. I think you should be safe taking the test on Friday or Sat but take it when you first wake up, that is the best time.
        Good luck.



          I’m pregnant now and I was having the same symptoms that you are. When my period was due, I felt like it was coming on and it never did. Some pregnant women experience cramping around the time when they would usually have their period. The best thing to do would be to go to your OBGYN and get a real test. It is possible that the hormone produced during pregnancy (HCG) just didn’t show up. Also, it is possible that you had a defective test. That’s rare but it’s possible. So just go to your doctor or even to a local clinic in your hometown that might offer pregnancy tests for free. If you are pregnant just take care of yourself and even though it may be hard, try to relax. Babies are a blessing, not a burden. Keep me updated. I wish you the best of luck.


            Well I did do a second test Wednesday night and it was negative. But still no period. I’ve had frequent headaches, heartburn, consistent back pain, I’m so tired. If both test said negative is there a possibility that they both were wrong. Should I test again in a couple days. or is there even a need maybe I just have something else wrong with me. Should I just wait the weekend and if still nothing and another test is negative go to the doctore. is it possible that I am pregnant and just have an abnormally low hormone in my urine. Maybe I’m something different then the usual. What should I do?

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