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      Im 17, in december i had my abortion, when i found out about my child i was excited, and a few others were excited for me too, i understood my scrifices i would have to make to keep my child, i was prepared, my boyfriend is 4 years older than i am, he wasnt ready, so he talkd me into having an abortion, my dad was disapointed, he told me it would be a good “do over for me”, so because i loved them very much i made my decision disreguarding what i wantd, at the clinic there were many protesters, i went threw with it anyway, i choose the pill abortion, on the day i passd my pregnacy, i held ,my child in my hand, ive been having terriable night mares of my child looking up from my hand and asking me why i didnt love it, what i did wrong, if it didnt love me enought ect… I havent told anyone about these nightmares, and ive startd to feel i dont desreve to live because i took the life of my innocent child.. Ive been suffering in alone because i dont want anyone to know im hurting, also my big sister tried to talk me outta it, she knew id feel like this, i dont wanna hear i told u so…


        Hello dear. First off I need to tell you I would give you a huge hug if you were sitting right here in my living room with me. I am incredibly sorry to hear about your abortion and the pain you are facing. I have made choices in my own life that were wrong. The only way I have found to keep living with those mistakes and with myself is seeking forgiveness. It is hard to believe that God can forgive us or wants to, but he has made a way to pay for all our sins because he amazingly still loves us. I am so proud that you are sharing your story. Is there someone you trust that you could talk with? Try checking or They are a ministries for post-abortion healing and there are women there who have suffered quietly through the choice of an abortion and have found healing. Also, if you go to and put in your zipcode you can find pregnancy centers that most often have resources to help those suffering after a loss. I understand that you are hurting badly and I want you to know you aren’t suffering in this alone. I will be praying for you.


          I know exactly how you feel.Iv’e been depressed.I’m 14 and pregnant.I’m 8 weeks and 5 days(got the ultrasound today)But anyway,do what YOU feel is right.If your boyfriend is 21 and not ready maybe he didn’t have the finances or just wasn’t mentally ready for that.But,men will get you pregnant and leave you which is what they do best.So,I personally think that if he left you it’s okay to cry but I think that you should have done what you felt was best rather then what others think.People think I’m a slut for getting pregnant.But,I can seriously care less because my baby is probably the worst and best thing that ever happened to me…And so is my ex boyfriend(baby’s father).But you know what,keep your head up and seek therapy for this.And tell your boyfriend how you feel.


            I suffered alone for seven years. You don’t have to. Go to your local crisis pregnancy center because they have counseling for women like us. Also go to the website You will find love and compassion from the people who are waiting to help you. God bless you.


              I understand how you feel completely I suffer alone everyday

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