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      On Monday the 13th of December 2010, I had sex with my ex boyfriend…yeah not a smart idea, but it happened. Within the last week or so I have been really tired, sleeping anywhere from 10-13 hours a day. I have been having to pee up to 3 times an hour without drinking very many liquids. I have been getting dizzy for no reason at all, and getting very emotional at little things. And this past Sunday, I stayed the night at a friends house. I had to be home at 730, so we had to get up around 630 to start getting ready, and the first thing that I did was get sick to my stomach, and I spent a good portion of that day throwing up and sleeping. I don’t really know what to think right now. I also used the pregnancy calculator from this website, and the results seriously had me speechless: it said that the date of conception was Monday December 13, 2010. I am not making any of this up. And please if you are going to tell me to talk to a trusted adult, I already have. She said that if I miss my period in January then we are going to get a test. What I am asking for now is any advice on if you think I could be pregnant or something along those lines. And please no hate. I know that I made the mistake of having sex at 15, but if I really am pregnant then I will be paying the price already.


        best advice that I could give you, is to wait untill you’ve missed a period and then take an hpt. Anything is possible depending on what phase of your cycle you were on during the time that you had unprotected sex.
        just play the waiting game.


          as for now it sounds more like a stomach bug combined with stress.

          wait till your period is late (if she will be) and then make a test, thats the only way so really that youll know.

          good luck!


            Hey. we have the same situation. I thought I’m the only girl in this world who make a biggest mistake her my life for having sex wid her ex. But You are too lucky because you are waiting. But me.I’m almost 2 weeks and 5 days delayed. Tomorrow I’m going to take test.I have fear it’s going to end up crying bcause I’m pregnant. I’m so bad I know. because i have a long distance relationship with the love of my life, My boyfriend :'( I hope your not dear.take a test after 2 weeeks of delyed.Blood test would be the best love.



              I was so glad in your other post to hear that got your period! YEAH!! So what is your game plan now? It’s hard having a long distance relationship, but if you are committed, it also makes the temptations a lot easier to withstand since you are apart. But, stay away from the guy friends who might want some benefits other than a shoulder to cry on! Stay true to your long away love and the rewards will be great!! Keep strong!

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