Im so sorry . . .

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      Icant tell you anything that might comfort you at this stage and in this time, but I can tell you what happened to me and what you could possibly do. I had an abortion 3 days before I turned 18. I was 7 weeks back then and my mom was my main supporter through this. I can tell you that being 18 makes NO Difference. My bf of 2 yrs at the time wanted the baby badly and would have done anything but he supported me all the same because he said he knows and loves me but he can disconnect from the child that he hasnt accepted yet much quicker. When I asked him his saddest memory though, he told me about my abortion. Anyways, I got pregnant exactly a year later and I told my bf the day I found out. I didnt tell my mom until I was about 15 weeks, and I moved out right after my 19th birthday, with my bf. We lived at his parents and they were happy that we were happy. When I told my mom, she pushed for abortion, but my decision was made and the threat of being thrown out or any of that wasnt an issue. I thought I would be disowned and forgotten by my family but after a while, they came around. Actually my mom came around the end ofmy 25th week. My mother and father in law died in a car crash the next day, and I went into labor because of shock. I burried my mother in law who was my second mom, and her husband on Feb 17th of 2007. My daughter was born on the 8th and she only lived for 5 days and died on the 13th, I burried her necxt to her grandparents on Feb 21st. I know alot of girls here have seen hard hard lives, but no matter how hard it gets, we come out through, and so will you. Next time, be stronger and do what u feel is right and dont listen to your mother or anyone else. When it comes down to it, you are that childs mom. We will all survive and tomarrow will be a better day all you can do is smile and appreciate life and even your mother. She did what SHE thought was best for HER CHILD, just as you would do for your child, if you thought it is best for her. Try to understand it from that prespective and it might make it easier on you. Good luck hun and keep in touch and keep your head up. B)


        I’m so sorry for your loss… I can’t imagine how you must feel. I’ve never experienced anything like this before, but I hope the best for you. Let me know how things go for you, take care of yourself.


          You seem like an amazingly strong person to be able to go through all that and seem so positive so soon afterward. I’ll keep your family in my prayers.

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