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      Hey everyone I just signed up on this website not too long ago. Im so happy that there is a website like this where we can all share our stories that are so similar to one another. I just want to say that I am so scared, im terrified of telling my parents that I am pregnant. I officially found out last monday when I went to the campus health center and I just im so scared. I am in college and should be graduating in the summer and now this happens to me. My parents are really strict, they wouldn’t even let my bf in the house when we first started dating and they think I am just a good girl. I don’t know when or how I should tell them. I am expecting the worst from them because my mother is Christian and sex before marriage is out of the question. I mean I am Christian too…. I guess a really bad one. I did not plan this, it happened and now I am terrified of the consequences. I hope I can finish school and I hope I can eventually get them to not hate me after telling them. Please help……


        Hey there, Welcome to the site…Look…Being a Christian means KNOWING that we are not perfect, KNOWING that we mess up, KNOWING that we NEED a Savior…If your mom is a true believer in Christ then she will welcome you with arms of love, forgiveness and restoration….She will be disappointed and that may come out through means that are not very “Christ like”, She may be angry, she may even say things that she will later regret, but hey, you know what it is like to mess up, so give her the grace back that you so want from her right now…Hang in there…I was a Christian when I got pregnant with my second child…I was at church one day and a lady came up to me all excited…She was like, Oh honey, when did you get married, with a huge smile on her face…I looked around to see who she was talking to, I then realized she was talking to me, I looked at her all confused and I was like, I didn’t get married????? Then she turned beet red and was like, I am sooo sorry…I thought you were pregnant….I looked at her and said…I am…it was pretty embarrassing, I think more for her than me…LOL…Being a Christian doesn’t mean you will never mess up or make mistakes, it means that when you come to the point in which you realize you went off on the wrong road you will evaluate your decision making, look to the Cross and turn the other way…Two wrongs don’t make a right, you just have to walk on with your head held high, you cannot change what has happened, you just have to move forward and learn from this…I always say, I thank God for giving me children rather than AIDS….Children are a blessing, sure, it will be hard, there are going to be consequences for your actions but Children are a pretty awesome consequence if you ask me…I am here if you ever need to talk and I am open to emailing with your mom as well if you need someone in your court…You can make it through this and you can still find many blessings in this life….You just need to sit her down and tell her, make a plan, decide what you want to do in your new circumstances, there is plenty of time to finish your classes before baby is here, I hope to talk to you soon…Love Meg,


          hei baby girl! i am sorry you feel ‘trapped’ but whats done its dne, its time for you to step up and tell your parents. tell them you messed up, that you know that, but that you are ready to take responsibility for the cosequences.
          its important that you tell them cause you need special care now, you need to start taking prenatal vitamins, and just take good care of yourself, remember, you are growin a beautiful baby inside right in this moment when you are reading this, babies heart is pounding your blood through his tiny body, forming and formin lookin more and more like a human person.

          we allways think how bad our parents will react, what they will think about us, how mad they will be… we never think about that after the first shock will be gone, they WILL support us, specially if your mom is a real, true christian, she will be 100% behind your back, helping you every way possible.

          good luck!

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