im so nervous/scared/excited. idk what to do

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      i’m about to turn 16. im s sophomore, my boyfriend is a junior. i think im pregnant but im not sure. im going to take a home pregnancy test next week, but the problem is i play basketball. i wont know if im pregnant or not for sure for another week or so. is basketball practice bad? should i stop practicing for now until i find something out? and if i should what should i say to my coach why im not practicing? my mother doesnt know i might be pregnant, i dont want to tell her unless i know for sure that i am. my boyfriend is very supportive and is willing to do whatever it takes for me. but im just so confused. input would be great..



        Well I don’t know much about basketball practice but if you can maybe not practice until you find out. How many days since you missed your period? I would just say your not feeling well. If the practice is not that intense I don’t see any harm in it. Best of luck. Jessica


          I’d say that it’s not harmful if you’re used to the physical activity. Apparently if you’re physically fit then you can do most excercises, and if you’re not, don’t start during pregnancy. BUT make sure you still take it on the easier side for now. Due to the physical contact, depending on how far along you are, I’d also say to stay away from playing.


            I dont see how basketball practice could be harmful this early. If you are really worried about it, just tell your coach you have been feeling really sick and have a doctors appt coming up or something. You don’t have to tell your mom until you know for sure, but dont wait to find out. However, it may be helpful to tell your mom you are concerned so you can know she is there for you just incase.


              Basketball practice shouldn’t hurt you unless you’re actually getting beat up.
              Of course, if you don’t think that you should play you are the best judge. 🙂

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