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    sophia roses mummy

      heyy everyone! im gabby ,im 16 years old, i had a abortion 7months ago and i will never ever be able to forgive myself and get rid of the empty feeling inside me EVER but i am trying to get my life bk on track, i have the most amazing boyfriend ever called ollie me and him have been together for ages! around 2years πŸ™‚ and me and him are getting stronger everyday.
      yesterday 11th march 2009 i found out some exsiting/shocking news im pregnant! but im so confuesed and abit upset tbh after evrything taht happend with my daughter and i really dont no what to do! any advise?

      i dont want to seem selfish for punishing this baby after what happend with sasha-lou and i dnt want people to judge me either but i am still going thru emotions about what happend 7months ago

      please help me!

      thanks gabby xxxxx


        You’ve gone through terrible amounts of sadness and guilt from your choice to abort your baby. That as a reminder should be a consolation for you to not think twice about keeping this baby. You have been given a gift of life. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!! God is giving you the opportunity once again to say “YES” to that life. He is asking you to walk with Him and love as He loves you. He is the creator of all, and he is responsible for this life inside your young body. Don’t let abortion become a convenient crutch to lean on when your, ‘not ready’. No one will judge you Gabby, we are all sinners. But there’s a time to stop living in the past doing things as we’ve always done them. We can stagnate in life, and feel sorrow for our mistakes we’ve made, but when do we say enough is enough. I have got to grow up and take responsibility for my life, my actions, and my baby?

        Step out of your past and onto the road of healing. Life giving healing!! There is no truer act of penance and amendment for the sin of aborting a baby as to go on with your life and accept life the next time God blesses you. Married or not!!! Gabby you and Ollie have some talking to do. You have made enough of a committment to one another by your relationship lasting this long and going through all that you have. Don’t stay in a convenient dating arrangement after all this…..make a committment because God is working around the two of you and your best efforts to avoid one. How much are you going to make him show you before you realize he’s calling you.

        God bless,


          congrats hun! all i can say is follow ur heart n motherly instinct,i understand that u r still hurt from the first pregnancy but maybe that experience can aid u in this pregnancy, u can be more clear about the choices u make coz u know the conseqences, im sooo glad to hear that u are gettin stronger eveyday and maybe this baby is here to help that healing process, and althou this baby will never replace the 1 u lost, he/she will make life better, i dont know what happend with ur daughter so im sorry i cudn giv u better advice but im very happy that u are doin well πŸ™‚

          take care xoxox


            Hi Gabby,

            You sound so excited that I’m sure you’ve decided to keep your baby, but if not, please do! The pain that you feel for Sasha-lou will never go away, but the joy that your second baby brings you will certainly ease the pain. You are young and being a young mum is hard (I was eighteen when I had my daughter) but you will not have regrets. If you have a second abortion you will only have twice as much grief to deal with. I’m sure you can do it, God helps those who accepts his gifts. Good luck.




                Hey hunny,
                People will always judge and have nasty things to say, because they’re unhappy with their own pathetic lives… ignore them and enjoy yr pregnancy.
                Like Enya said… we really are very happy for you and hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy πŸ™‚
                Much love,
                Eva xoxox

                sophia roses mummy

                  yeah i kno i just wish somethimes they would just back off
                  all i wana do is be the best mummy and ollie be the best daddy to our new baby girl/boy and move on with our lives πŸ™‚
                  how is eveyone doing?



                    Congrats ! I wish you the healthiest pregnancy you can get. I know people have so much criticism all the time, but they should just mind their own business and get on with their lives. At least now you understand the pain and can be better this pregnancy and not put yourself through that again.
                    My mom had a abortion before she got pregnant with me because everyone told her too and then she said she wouldn’t do it again, and everyone has a soul so I kinda think i came right back down too try again so does she.
                    so maybe its your sasha-lou coming back for round 2 ?


                      gabby i think that u shud follow ur heart and dnt worry abt other people and their comments..dnt make the same mistake twice..go with what u feel is ryt


                        congrats. i’m happy you decided to keep your baby. =]

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