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      🙁 Has anyone ver gotten Shingles/ Herpes Zoster during their pregnancy??? I got it like a week ago and it sucks!!!! it’s really painfull and my doctor said I cant take med’s,cause they might harm the baby…. It’s so painfull!!!!!!!!! (the doctor said it will go away in 3 weeks!!!! :S


        hey i wasnt pregnant, but i had shingles when i was 4 years old. my mom wouldn’t believe it cos mostly it appears in people aged 50+. it kills like crazy and even tho i was that little i can still remember, i remember the dr putting his stethescope (sp? – you know, the heart hearing thing lol) on my back and even that was painful for me and i started crying and my mom would cry cos when she went to give me a hug to make me feel better id start cryin. it seemed to take forever to clear up, but it was probably cos i was so young. i know i didnt eat cos i felt so ill and hurting, but all i can say is make ur self eat for the baby!

        hope ur feeling better soon. i dont know if it can affect a pregnancy, but im sure ur dr wud let u know the details, but i can sympathise with the pain, bet its a million times more uncomforatable being pregnant tho!

        get well soon an take it easy xxx


          Hey, I had the chicken pox when I was pregnant with my second son and I know how uncomfortable that was, I bet shingles is a lot worse.

          Is there a lotion or something that helps to sooth the sore spots?

          Hope it doesn’t last too long for you!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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