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      Well this is my 8th pregnancy and i just turned 20. I’ve had 6 miscarriages and 1 birth n working on my second. My first baby was a little girl I was 13 years old my boyfriend and I decided to take the relationship one step farther well we took it two. 4 months after that first time I found out i was pregnant and at the first ultrasound i found out it was a girl i named her Chevelle. We took her home and her daddy got into the wrong crowd and he started doing illegal drugs around our precious little girl. We had her for about a month and then all of a sudden she stopped breathing one day when i was bathing her I freaked I called Jer he came over and we called 911 and did cpr on her she was so tiny, so perfect, i didn’t understand by the time the ambulance got there she was gone my perfect little princess gone. Now i’m pregnant again after all those miscarriages i’m 15 weeks. I think i’m having a girl again Her name will be chevelle again because i love that name i think its the perfect girls name. Well last friday my collie stepped one my stomache we went to the hospital the baby was fine THANK GOD. But i’m still scared, scared that my child will make it through the pregnancy but then be riped from my arms once again and my dreams or raising my child will vanish like every other time. I love kids and me and my husband have been trying for about 3 years now. With only miscarriages, I have no children. We are currently going through a divorce he started doing drugs and smoking i couldn’t take it, it brought back memories of my little princess i couldn’t bear it anymore i left i found a new guy who i am now having this little one with. He knows about everything but I don’t think he really understands how scared I am even with the pregnancy going good that I still have a fear of losing my child. He keeps asuring me that He’s got good sperm nothing will happen to stop worrying but i can’t help it.


        Dont worry so much.Stress is bad for the baby and its not good for you either. Im sorry that you lost those children like that.I do not know how you feel about having miscarriages.I do know a little how you feel about losing your child.I often worry that something will happen to my son but I know that is out of my hands because you cant stop every tragedy fro happening.Something that might make you feel better is getting CPR certified and taking some lessons for what to do if something happend that way you wll be prepared.It wasnt your fault that she died.im praying that this baby will live to old age.


          well your life ir rough you will get the baby girl you want if you dont mind me asking how far along were you when you had your miscarriages im almost 15 weeks n my doc says im going to have one this is my 7th preg i have 6 living children but this is the worst feeling in the world how did you cope .


            im sorry for all your losses… i thought that loosing one was bad…i cant imagine loosing 7 babies…i am really sorry…but dont stress out about it…i think thats how i lost my baby….i was so stressed out becasue me and my boyfriend were going through a break up and we had just argued…that night i lost the baby…the last thing that i had….try not to stress out…take the days with the days the good with bad and dont worry about it..i know its easier said than done but it will be worth it in the end… i really hope that things work out for you this time…im gonna be praying for you…keep me updated ok…
            —Love Samantha


              Sorry to hear about your losses. I know its hard but you have to think positive, its not good for you or the baby to stress. take care and good luck

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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