im scared i might be pregant help!!!!

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      my b/f and i had sex the day my period ended and we had i accident. this was about 3 weeks ago. i took a hpt and it had 1 very bold line then i noticed that it had a very light line under it and im very unsure what it means and i still havent had my period and it due to come on apr 28 but sometimes it comes far i havent had any syptoms but i do feel like im about to just come on my period but i havent so do you think i may be pregant or not.


        having been there before, i’m sure the last thing you wanna hear is that you’re pregnant but having just been pregnant this past october and having the same exact results on 2 seperate pregnancy tests, i can tell you that you definitely are pregnant. the light line would not show up if there was not at least some trace of the pregnancy hormone that these tests detect. Please act immediately because the light line could either mean that you’re very early in the pregnancy and just have very low levels of the hormone at this stage(my case the first time) or that you may have miscarried or have an ectopic pregnancy. having almost died from an ectopic pregnancy i urge you to overcome your fear and go to a doctor. hope this helps.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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