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      i made a stupid mistake. i had sex w/ a random guy at a party. that was my first time. i was drunk. he said he wore a condom but i dont know for sure. all i know is that when i went to the bathroom afterwards there was a lot of cum dripping from my vagina. we were together for at least 30 minutes (probably more) and i dont remember him putting on a new condom or anything like that…..

      would it be really obvious if he wasnt wearing a condom? like would it feel really different?? and for my first time shud i hav cummed that much????? it seemed like a lot to be just mine… but idk…


        hey, well do u remember the nut being milky colored? cuz if it was milky colored then he probably, most likely nutted in you…an if its ur first time doing it your not gonna know the difference between wearin a rubber an not wearing one…good luck…let me know wut happens…:kiss:



          I HAD MY PERIOD! thank god!! im not gonna do anymore stupid stuff like this anytime soon.


            lol, congrats!!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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