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      [color=#800080][i]I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who handed out advice to me. I found out yesterday that I am PREGNANT!!!! :woohoo: Me and my husband, and the rest of the family are absolutely thrilled. if there is any one who would like to throw out some 1st trimester advice that would be AWESOME!…

      **And to everyone who is still trying.. keep up the good work. It will happen when its right. **


      **PS please keep me in your prayers that i make it thru to the safe zone!![/i][/color]


        hey i would just like to know how old r u?


          Congrats on getting pregnant! I hope it goes well for you. Im only 4 months so cant really offer advice (still looking for it myself) except try not to stress. The first trimester is a bit of a waiting game, but chances are you (and bub) will be fine. My fingers are crossed for you!


            congradts. hope everthing works out for you and your family. god bless you all


              Just look after yourself.No drinking alcohol and stay away from smoking. Eat enough food for the both of you.Dont do too much to strain yourself.Keep it easy!

              Good luck and congrats


                CONGRATS!!!………..ok so to combat the morning sickness eat before you go to bed, and keep crackers by your beside for when you wake up in the morning (don’t move if you feel sick, just reach with your arm for a cracker, this should help), no HOT baths or hot tubs, this can hurt the baby, if you have an excersise routine you can keep it up for a little bit, but try and keep it easy, don’t stress out about stuff this isn’t good for either of you, drink lots of water and juice, and don’t eat 3 big meals a small frequent meals throughout the day..morning sickness is because your blood sugar gets low and this causes you to get if you can keep you blood sugar up you should not get the morning sickness (or at least won’t get it as bad)……hope this helps….if you have questions feel free to ask….


                  I am soooooooooooo happy for you:) I wish you all the best and I hope that you have a wonderful pregnancy . What a beautiful way to start off this year!!:)


                    that safe zone thing had me stressin so ill pray for yu.. congrats.. orning sickness sucks if you get it..

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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