im pregnant, who’s could it be? and i have some qu

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      i’m 16 and i found out 4 days ago that im pregnant :unsure: ,iv’e been with my bf for ova a year but iv neva been able to get ova my x 🙁 , i got the chance to meet him again n we ended up havin unprotected sex, it shouldn’t have happend, i love my bf and i told him what had happend and aftar that my period was late, i left it a week and now iv’e done 2 pregnancy tests and both were positive, i had sex with my x 2 days b4 my period was due and have been having sex with my bf for months so what are the chances that the baby is my x’s? and another thing, im pregnant but im not feeling sick or really tired, i heard its better if you are feeling sick because that means there’s more hormone in your body and more chance the baby will survive, i’m worried ill have a miscarrage as i get an acheing feeling in my stomach somtimes, is this normal? also my bf wants me to have a abortion, he says i messed my pill up and he doesn’t want a baby, but i couldnt kill it, it’s only just sinking in and im already looking forward to meeting my baby, i just wish my bf would feel the same way, it upsets me that he don’t want his child but i know we have no money, iv planned to open another bank account and move some of my wages over but i don’t earn a lot and he hasn’t even got a job and doesn’t seem to be lookin very hard, i’m just so scared i’m going to be a bad mum cuz i cant afford a baby but i know i can give it all the love it needs and i can save £1800 in 9 months on my own, will that be enough for essentials at first? help me someone, please :ermm:


        im sure its ur boyfriends baby and please don’t get an abortion you can always get support from your parents, he says that now but when the baby is born he would love the baby! and its normal if you don’t feel anything right now , that depends on how many months or weeks you are! im 9 weeks pregnant and i just started to have morning sickness like a week ago and im not tired at all!

        Good luck!!


          thank you so much for replying, iv’e worked out i’m about 6 weeks now,its reasurring to hear uv’e only just started getting morning sickness,i’m not going to have an abortion, that was never an option to me, it just hurt that he wanted me to. thanks again, soph xxx


            i don’t know what to do nemore, he wants me 2 have an abortion but i said i wouldn’t and he threw me out his house n said he didn’t wanna b with me nemore, a little while ago he was only saying it’s ok n well make a go of it as a family, i’m left with no money and nowere to live now cuz i was gonna move in with him, i’ve told my parents, that was hard but worth it, they’re not very supportive of my decision but at least they there any support groups around northampton (uk) that could support me and give me advice? x

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