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    sophia roses mummy

      hello πŸ™‚
      I found out some shocking news this morning the pregnancy test I did the other week, was wrong! I’m pregnant! going to the doctors tomorrow for conformation of the 4 tests I took this morning! πŸ™‚ Ollie and I are all good now, I haven’t told him yet but I will be doing when he gets back home, I am slightly nervous to be honest. loves, G xx


        congrats Gabby, keep us posted! let us know how it goes at the doc


          congrats gurl.. am happy for u,, im juz a new member of this site, i know u can handle things out,,


            I just want to share my heart with you, A person who loves you will risk hurting your feelings to share the truth but what they share will not harm you….some people will tell you things that feel good or supportive, it doesn’t hurt but will ultimately harm you….This baby is your second chance, will your uterus survive another abortion? Will you be rendered infertile this time? If you do this to keep Ollie, will you find yourself in despair and be so resentful you leave him? Suck up all of the pain and regret from your past abortion and ask yourself if you can honestly do that again? You KNOW that abortion is NOT a quick “fix” your life has suffered the damage and consequences of it once, not by your own choice, will you now CHOOSE to do this? Honey, you KNOW that I love and care for you, we have had MANY conversations in the last 3 years, You REGRET your abortion, You GRIEVE the loss of little Sophia, if she were here she would BEG you to keep this baby and you know it…You made a conscious decision to continue having sex, you were aware of the consequences and as if you were my own daughter I am telling you this, You NEED to be responsible to yourself and this baby and give him/her the best chance at life you are able to…You are very capable of being a mom, you are so smart and with the deep pain and loss you have suffered I know you will have the most amazing heart to love your baby with….You can do this and if you don’t I am not so sure of the quality of your future will hold, this last abortion took you down, this one may take you out…I am here and I love you so much more than you would ever know, me just being this mysterious person behind a bunch of black letters on a screen, but I am here, I do care and I have confidence in you, I know you can do this and do it right…Love Meg meg@standupgirl.com email me, lets talk it out!

            sophia roses mummy

              Hello πŸ™‚

              I am deciding more towards having my baby as ollie is begging me to keep him/her. I couldn’t deal with another abortion. meg it was sasha who i aborted, sophia is my daughter who is with me now and sasha is my daughter in heaven.
              i know it is going to be hard but me and ollie have got through so so much and i am determined we can get through this. thankyou so much meg and nadza
              love to you both, Gabby xx

              sophia roses mummy

                I had a miscarriage two days ago :'( x


                  I’m so sorry for your loss sweety. I had a miscarrige two months ago and it’s still so painful. If you ever need to talk, i’m here for you! πŸ™‚

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