im pregnant, im not happy

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      My boyfriend and I have been doing it for sometime without any protection. We both thought that it would still be the same after we did it several times. But then, even before I was positive for being pregnant, I already had a feeling that we’re not so lucky this time. I feel so ashamed and afraid for what’s happening inside me. I told him this and I said that I had hopes and dreams yet before settling down, now it seems I don’t have a chance to reach those. We’re both trying our means to remove what’s inside before it grows. I’ve tried roots from horseradish, aspirin with softdrinks but I still feel it inside. What I’ve noticed is that, everytime I take those, I keep on vomiting them out. I’ve tried to jump at high places and do strenous activities but to no avail. I have no one else to talk to because my mom had made it clear before that she doesn’t like the guy and if ever I had a child with the guy, she will never love her grandchild. I know I sound so selfish but I also know that the child will only suffer. We both don’t have work as we gave up our works recently to search for better ones and until now, now that I’m carrying a life inside me, we still both haven’t found a job. Sometimes I wish someone would take us both out of the country and offer to take good care of us while waiting for the child. But I know that’s just a dream. I’m also afraid to continue my pregnancy as to what will become of my child now that we have done lots of things to eliminate it from my womb. I’m so miserable and depressed. Can someone out there help me?


        Wow you seem to be goiing through alot….Please dont keep doing those things…. because you are hurting yourself as well……maybe go talk to someone……I had an abortion as well my story is posted here a few posts above yours as "regretting abortion"….it was the worst decision of my life. Whether you lose a child through abortion miscarriage or whatever…..nothing can prepare you for the lifetime of greift and emptiness you will have to face afterwards…..I am telling you this to help you see that killing your child will only make you feel worse….please consider what I have told you…..people are here to help and support you and maybe you should check some resources in your area there is tons of help for young mothers like yourself….peace and god bless


          Trying to eliminate your pregnancy will hurt so much more than being pregnant in the first place. There are hundreds of thousands of couples looking to adopt a newborn. You should try finding a local adoption agency. They will match you with a family that will take care of you while your pregnant and then adopt the child when it is born. You could even ask for an open adoption if that is what you want. But don’t do anything that could jeopardize your own health as well as the baby’s.


            PLEASE QUIT WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!! there are other options out there!!! if you dont want the child….then look into adoption…if you abort the baby, or miscarry it through all the means that you are going through to do it, youll regret it for the rest of your life…i had a natural miscarraige last year (meaning it happened on its own through nothing that i did) and i miss that child everyday…if you want your child to grow up and be loved by its family, then do the next best thing for it if you think that it wont be loved by your family…place it in another family….there are adoption programs out there where you can get updates on the baby for a few years…that is what my sister did…she found a program where shell get updates from the family for up to five years as part of the adoption…maybe longer than that if the parents want to…but atleast that baby will have a fighting chance in this world that we live in…


              Have you taken a pregnancy test to find out for sure whether you are pregnant? If not, I would take a test first thing. There are resources out there to help you with the pregnancy. I would contact birthright or your local crisis pregnancy center. You could look at the links under girl help on this site for numbers and links directing to help.

              It sounds like you recognize that this is a life and a child inside you. I understand your initial fears and desire to make the situation go away. I know that having this baby would take courage and I won’t guarantee that you won’t face backlash from your mother. However with courage you can make it through the pregnancy. If you do not feel ready for a child then adoption is always a good option.

              You should get good prenatal care. Perhaps there was little damage from your earlier actions but you should see a doctor to make sure that you and the baby are both healthy and to take good care of you both for the remainder of the pregnancy.



                Hi There!! I know that you have no clue what to do right now, but you need to tell somebody. I know that your mom told you that she wouldn’t love this child if you got pregnant with this boy, but someone needs to know. You can’t go these months just keeping it a secret and she will have to find out the hard way and you don’t want that. How about you tell one of your best friends. If they are truely your friend they will be beside you a 110%. Trust me on that. No matter what decision you make on this baby you need to tell your mother. She will be there for you. You have to trust me on that. She will probably be very angry at you, but trust me you will feel so much better after telling her and she will help you. Your her daughter and she wants the best for you!! I will be there for you!! You can do it!! :cheer:


                  I am 16 years old and I am 1 mth.,1week, and 2 days pregnant. My boyfriend and both of our families are overjoyed that I am pregnant. I, on the other hand, have mixed feelings. Sometimes I feel overjoyed that in 9 mths. we will have a little baby! My situation is better than yours I guess. I am not worried about going without anything because I know my baby will have everything it needs. There are those times when I just feel so depressed…I guess hormones have a lot to do with it too though. I have considered abortion.. and it makes me feel so bad that I have even thought of it. I had so many dreams and things I wanted to do before I even got married!!! I just can’t see myself having an abortion, but I don’t know what it’s gonna take for me to be happy about this pregnancy either!!!



                    Please, I beg of you, don’t keep doing what you’re doing, and please don’t abort your baby. As long as your child has you, he/she won’t suffer. You are all that your baby really needs to be happy. My mother was a single mother, and she had a rough time raising three children on her own, but she did it, and we’re all happy. We don’t regret her having us.

                    Having a child is a task, but it’s a fulfilling one. I didn’t have an abortion, and I now have a beautiful baby girl in my arms. The love I feel for her is nothing like I’ve ever felt before. I want to give her the world, and she gives me the strength to try my hardest, even when it’s something I want to do for myself. After we heard my Agnes’s (my baby girl’s) heartbeat and saw her moving around inside of me, my boyfriend and I were filled with emense joy. It was finally real to us. I couldn’t believe that a tiny baby was really growing inside of me. My boyfriend watched our baby come out, and he cried after he saw her for the first time. I’ll never forget that day. It was the most wonderful day of my entire life.

                    I also don’t have a job, and neither does my child’s father. He is still in high school, and I had to stop going to college because I found out I was pregnant. We are making it by the support of my family and part of his. I am looking for a job, but I have never had a job before, so I am having a lot of trouble getting one.

                    There is a lot of help out there for you. There are charities that can get you things you need like clothes, and strollers, and cribs, and car seats. You can also get Women, Infants and Children (WIC – a nurtitional program for pregnant women, infants and children who are struggling and can’t afford nutrtious foods or formula.) and medical assistance to help you out with food and health care while you are pregnant.

                    If you decide that you don’t want your baby, please consider adoption. There are so many families out there who can’t have the blessing of a child who have been waiting for years and years to be able to adopt a child. You could give them the blessing that they only wish they could have together.

                    Take your baby whatever way you can get him/her. Your mother will most likely warm up to your child. My boyfriend’s mother refused to believe that this baby was his, and didn’t want to have anything to do with her just because she didn’t want to feel old by having a grandchild. Then I got closer and closer to having her, and she began to warm up to the idea of having a grandchild, and now I can’t get her away from Agnes (my baby girl).

                    I hope that you find this helpful, and I also hope that this being so long doesn’t discourage you from reading it. ^^

                    I wish you luck, and I pray that you make the decision for life.


                      Hey, I know its hard for you but trying to kill the baby isn’t the way to go, go through the pregnuacy and put the baby up for adoption if you really dont want it


                        listen to what all of them said. and know that your moms lying. she might say she wouldnt love the baby but she would. shed love that baby so much, its unbelievable. my mom went to the store for bread the other day and came home with two outfits for my daughter. the grocery stores across the street and the store she got the cloths from is 10 minutes away-with green lights! dont let that be another concern

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