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      I have known for a while i was pregnant just not wanting to admit to it. I went to the doctor and the test came back positive. So tomorrow i am going back for a ultrasound to find out how far along i am. i recently moved with my boyfriend to a different state, and now we decided to move back.

      so now my problem is, i don’t know if i can go through with having a baby. I am already stressing about having an abortion, crying, depressed, and just un-motivated. I am only 19, my boyfriend is 25. it would kill my parents to know i was pregnant, i just cant break their hearts. But am i willing to break my own to save theirs? I know having an abortion is the right thing because my boyfriend or i can’t provide for a child. I am jobless… no health insurance… i just feel stuck.

      so can someone help me decide on whats best?

      the sky is my limit

        hi, i was about you age when i found out i was pregnant! i was scared, didnt think i could look after a baby and didnt ever want kids! im not saying its easy at all but i had to make sure i was going to do the right thing for me and the baby, it came out the worse time i was out of work not living at home with parents and i had just moved in with my boyfriend that i had only been with for 8 months!didnt really have anything other than clothes!! but i decided that it wasnt the babys thought and that i could only do my best i couldnt have an abortion it wasnt for me! and i could never give my baby away, i kept my baby and its been 2 years now and my husband and i adore our little girl and would be lost without her now!! so wat im trying to say is i had nothing and i thought i couldnt support the baby but i first just sat down nd thought if i really wanted this baby now it was ere growing inside me then once u have made that i think then think about the rest coz we had nothing and now we have a lovely home with our little girl!so dont sell ya self so short! if ya need to ask pls do!! i hope you do wats best for u ella and not live to regret it x


          take a breath and relax..its not so dark like u see it now gir..u have a life growing inside you..are you a person that would kill someone who is alive? i doubt it..and i also doubt that you are willing to make your life hell,just so that your parents wouldnt be shoked (cause im sure they would love the baby aftzer the first shock).
          i had an abortion,and belive me thjat’s never the right thing,it’s not right at all…
          there are many centers that can help you with clothes,diapers,…

          think about it again, please,!!..

          YOU are STRONG enough to MAKE IT!!
          im pretty sure that you don’t wanna do an abortion, because im 100% you are in love with that tiny little life inside you…

          you can make it,you can stand up for YOUR child!!


            Hi Ella,
            I was 17 three months from turning 18 when I found out I was pregnant and I was so scared. I had an abortion when I was 16 and knew I did not want to go thru that again both physically and emotionally. I am not for or against abortion I am a firm believer it is your choice. But I am not going to lie to you and tell you that it will probably be very difficult experience emotionally. My parents and everyone around me told me I could not do it and that I was ruining my life and the babies life. I was about to graduate high school and was teaching swimming lessons on the weekends. When school ended I picked up a full time job and the swimming job. I was living with my parents and I did not have a pot to pi** in. I remember worrying how I was going to support this child and just knew I would do my best. It is not easy going thru a pregnancy that everyone was against but I did it. Once my daughter was born, everything changed both of my parents really took to her much more then I thought they would. I never once took any financial help from my parents to help with my daughter and everything has turned out great. I moved out and bought a condo at 20 and now I have my own business. Point is if you put your mind to it you can do anything. And although you think it will break your parents hearts to tell them what would hurt them more is to know that your heart is broken. Any (well any normal) parent would take the pain from their child if given the chance. You need to first decide what it is you want to do and stick to it. I wish you the best of luck, feel free to talk to me anytime.



              I am 37 years old. I had an abortion when I was 21. It is absolutely the WORST thing I have ever done. I read somewhere on this sight that you “pay for it forever”. That is so true. God did not intend for us to KiLL. An abortion stops a beating heart. That is the plain truth.

              Your mind tells you this is okay because other people do this… It wouldn’t be legal if this were “okay”. So, many women do this and some do not even think twice (or so they say). I know that this is your life…. you need to make that decision…. But, I am going to be the voice of your little baby…”Let me see you mommy! I will bring you so much love and joy!”

              I now have six beautiful children. They are the best that life has to offer. And, even though I have happiness with them… I morn for my first child! This was something that I cannot take back. And, like I read somewhere else on this site, I will never know his/her favorite flavor of ice cream…

              You need to know that tears are flowing uncontrollably down my face. If only I had the strength to “Stand Up” and face my parents. I too was fearful of disappointing them. My older sister had a baby at 19. She was unwed and not on good terms with the father. I heard so much from my parents about how “horrible” that situation was. But, unknown to me then… Her daughter, Sarah, grew up into such a beautiful young woman! Sarah is in college and with a life of her own. My sister did it! I am so proud of her. When I was 13 (that was when my sister was pregnant), I thought she was the sleeziest person. How ignorant I was. But, that shaped how I thought when I was 21. Shame came with my pregnancy. PLEASE do not feel shameful.

              Your child will give you so much strength and courage. You will no longer be caring for one, but for two. And, there is a lot of help out there. Many of us give to local pregnancy centers so that young moms will have what they need. You will be provided for. More people than you are aware of right now, will love your baby and you…. I hope some of my story helps you. I do not wish you the pain that I go through without my first child.

              Keep faith… God has already blessed you with this baby. You will receive more.


                I became a “momma” when I was 15. Like others have said on here, abortion was NEVER and option for me. I told a friend of mine the other day that I didnt have a choice when I found out I was pregnant, I loved her from the time those three minutes-although it felt like FOREVER- were up and the two pinks lines came up. Even tho I was-and still am- so young, I knew I wanted to keep my angel. A baby is a gift from God. He is giving you something to love. Abortion isn’t the only option you have. You can have your baby and if you honestly don’t think that you can care for your baby, there is always adoption. Someone out there is MORE than willing to give your baby a loving home.
                But, as everyone else on here say’s this is YOUR choice. Think deeply on this before you make your decision.
                About breaking your families hearts, TRUST ME I went thru that too. I absolutely HATED having to tell them. I didn’t want to hurt any of their feelings and I thought I would get kicked out and all that….Well, when I told them, it went NOTHING like I had anticipated!! They said they still loved me and wanted to help me provide for the baby and myself. I think that they will take this hard for a while then, when the thought processes-Hey i’m going to be a grandparent again-they are going to realize they love this baby almost as much as you do!!!!

                I’m here for you and so are SO many other strong women who have went through this same situation. If you need to tlk, vent, whatever we’re here.

                xoxo best of luck,


                  DON’T, I repeat DON’T go through with an abortion.

                  Look, I am fourteen years old, a freshman in high school… I’m pregnant. And it’s the happiest time of my life, to be honest. Through all the changes and stress, your baby is a blessing that should not be taken away by any means.

                  Abortion scars many girls for the rest of their lives, and you needn’t go through that pain.

                  Just pray and you two will get through it. :] Thank God for your baby.


                    Wow Autumn. How wonderful you are. I wish you the best with your little baby. I admire your courage and strength. You will do a great job with your baby!!! I wish more young women felt like you. Something good (life) will always come from something bad (unexpected) if we embrace the challenge! Blessings to you…


                      I’m wondering why noone ever mentions adoption as an option?
                      Every post I read pretty much just talks about having an abortion or keeping the baby. Creating an adoption plan is a wondeful option for someone who does not want to have an abortion but feels unprepared to parent right now.

                      My husband and I cannot have children of our own due to infertility and we want so badly to adopt a baby.

                      Thanks for reading and God Bless.


                        there is always adoption!


                          Hi i just found out like a week ago that im five weeks pregnant, trust me i know exactly how scary and daunting it is. I havent found a way to tell my parent yet but im going to do it soon because the sooner i do it the less stressed i will be.
                          You would not believe how many websites i’ve looked at trying to find good advice and i think the only advice i can give is be positive and dont make any rash decisions or do anything you may regret.
                          I am going to keep my baby and hopefully my parents will come round to the idea.
                          just think no matter how hard things get, it could always be worse and there is alot of support for young mothers. No matter what, you wont be alone.


                            I don’t mention adoption often because I couldn’t do it. It is always an option, and a wonderful option. It’s a personal decision. But honestly, I just couldn’t handle it.

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