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      hi i am 15 and just found out i am pregnant i am sure that i am no more than 2 months pregnant and i am considering haveing an abortion but i really do want to have the baby i am just afraid that i will be missing out on everything it is my fault soon in a couple days i will be going to get my first altrosound im excited but i know then i will have to make the choice whether i want to keep the baby if you have any advice for me or personal exsperince on what i should do please contact me



        Being pregnant can be a frightening prospect even in the best of circumstances. I can understand how you feel. When I was a teenager I had a couple of pregnancy scares and I wasn’t sure what I would do. I am a little farther along than 2 months (@ 18 weeks). I had my first ultrasound yesterday and was able to see my little baby moving around on the screen. It was incredible. Once I saw it there was no doubt that this was a tiny little baby!

        Does your family and your boyfriend know about the pregnancy? Are they being supportive? If you really want to have the baby don’t let anyone else force or pressure you to have an abortion. There are other options. You could consider adoption. If you choose to look for an open adoption you can have some contact with your child. Many agencies will pay for costs of pregnancy and delivery. If decide to raise the child yourself there are many resources out there to help.

        Before you decide to have an abortion take a look at the ultrasound of your baby and read the stories on this site about girls who are dealing with the pain grief and regrets of abortion. It may seem like the easiest choice, but it is more complicated than that. Hang in there. Best Wishes.



          Hey girl,
          First things first, good for you for reaching out and asking for help and advice.
          Second, noone, and I mean noone can tell you what to do, but this is one serious situation. You have made a dicision to grow up very quick. You have made a decision that will affect yours and this baby’s life for ever.
          The only advice I have is to hang in there. Get that ultrasound, let me tell you it is the most amazing thing. You have a long road ahead of you, but there are people there for you. There are people who will listen and talk to you.
          I am 21 now with a 14 month old little girl and am 7 months pregnant. I know getting pregnant at 19 is far different from getting pregnant at 15, but I was young and lost as well.
          I am now happily married, but it was a long hard road and totally worth it.
          Don’t worry, you’ll get through it.
          Two other things, you should definitely find a doctor or midwife that you are VERY comfortable with and whom you like a lot. This person will be with you through you’re whole pregnancy so don’t be afraid to ask anything anytime. That’s what they’re there for.
          Also, find a Doula. They are amazing people. They are Labor Couches and they help you through your whole labor and birth. They are wonderful, caring, beautiful people. There are ones out there that will do it for free. Call around.
          Last but not least, keep your chin up. No matter what anyone tells you or says to you, you are an amazing person going through something a lot of women wish would happen to them. Just stay positive and don’t give up!


            i told my bf before we knew i was pregnant that if i was i was gonna have a baby in september (now it looks like shell make a liar out of me and not come till october but…) and that was all we ever said about it. at 12 weeks i had an ultrasound cuz i had really bad cramps and they thought i might be having a miscarriage or placenta problems or whatever. ANYWHO the point is that i was absolutly miserable before that ultrasound-i never felt worse physically, i never had my whole family-aunts uncles grandparetns paretns yadda yadda, everyone just converge on me at once. and they were all supportive they just wanted me to make sure i knew what i was deciding was what i really wanted. as soon as i saw her little self on that screen none of it mattered anymore. being sick was fine, headaches didnt hurt so bad anymore, nobody could bother me bout anything. as soon as you see your baby on there youll know


              no abortion please i think im pregnant and i feel the same way you do so KEEP YOUR BABY PLEASEEEEEEE!

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                I know what you are feeling… i found out i was pregnant at the begning of this year and i had just turned 16, i was so scared i didnt know if i should get an abortion with out telling my parents about any of it or just go through with it and take what my parents would say… well i went the easy way and i found out exactly what my parents thought about me. at the time it was not much at all!! they were so dissapointed in me i figured it would have been better going the other way and get an abortion (at the time) but you know honestly living it telling my parents that i was pregnant was the best thing i could have ever done because now i know i am going to have a baby and i am going to be the best mom i can be and thats all that counts!! your parents are mad at first but they finally realize they are going to have a grandchild!! and they get over things i wouldnt say to quick but they do i am now 34 weeks pregnant and about to have my precious baby boy and i think my parents are just as excited as me!! i am still in school i will graduate next year, having this baby is going to make me a more mature person and think about what i choose to do in life… i will tell you before i found out i was pregnant i got D’s and F’s in everything… now i get A’s B’s and C’s it is making me more devoted to what i NEED to do in life what will be good for me and the baby…staying in school CAN!!! be done and i am proving that, and i will go back to school a month after i have the baby!!
                about your ultrasound… once i got my ultrasound i cried because it was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my life your little miricle inside moving around it is so amazing and i went through a reality check where im going to be in a couple of months what is going to change… will my baby be healthy or not?? it all depends on your choices make good ones and you will not regret anything at all and be the best mom you can be its all about your baby and education!!
                good luck with everything!!!,

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                  Dearest Cheyenne,

                  Please don’t be scared about being pregnant. I am 25 years old and have been married since Jan 2005. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby this whole time without success.

                  When I was in High School my best friend got pregnant our junior year so we were about 16 or 17. My friend chose to keep her baby; hes in 1st grade now and he is fabulous….she wouldn’t have chose any other way.

                  Baby girl please hear me out when I tell you there are families like me and my husband in this world who can’t have any children. Please make your choices wisely. I am not anti or pro abortion….but just know that if you can’t keep your baby —-someone out there willl love him or her the same as you would.

                  I would suggust that you get some counceling or ask your family physcian for a referral. I know you are a smart girl because you have reached out to this online community If you keep this baby you are going to need a lot of help and if you choose otherwise you are gonna still need help.

                  Love and strength to you! I

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                    hi i am 15 and had to get rid of my baby at 5 weeks now please do what makes you feel.
                    please look at that tiny baby on that screen and see what wou would be missing out on.


                      hello i am annita and i am 14 years old. okay i dont really know how to say this, but about a month ago me my boyfriend were playing around in my bed and i went down his pants and the stuff came out.. and it got on my pajamas and in my bed. and its been a month and i havent had my period. but some months i have my period and others i dont. so i dont know if i am pregnant or not. what are some signs to tell if i am pregnant or not. i feel pretty much normal. please reply back because i have emailed about ten people and none of them have emailed me back and would really like to know. i havent told anybody about this. once again, PLEASE help me. i have no clue what is going on.

                      thank you sooooo much



                        I understand your worry. I suppose technically there is a very small chance that if your boyfriend ejaculated on your pajamas or bed and it managed to get through to your body you could be pregnant. However the chances are probably very very small. I would bet that your period is just irregular. Some signs of pregnancy include sore breasts, exhaustion, changes in appetite, nausea, etc. If you are worried I would take a home pregnancy test.


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