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      just found out this morning.. the pregnancy calculator said i should be about 3 weeks!!! i am so nervous/scared/excited!!!

      here is my story:
      my and my EX broke up about a month ago..we are still good friends…we were together for almost a year. i had an abortion in november. and wont ever do it again. i told him and he was just shocked. he didnt have anything to say which upset me, but i can understand it… i plan on going on a lil date with him just to talk things out. my closest 2 friends know and my two closest cousins that are around my age know.. IT JUST SO HAPPENS THAT MY FAVORITE COUSIN, who is also my age, and the closest person to me in my life FOUND OUT SHE WAS PREGNANT TOO!!! WE TOOK A TEST TOGETHER AND THEY WERE BOTH POSITIVE> so at least i have someone to do this with…. i plan on faking my period for a month or two until i can clear my head, or until i start showing.. im not telling my mom until she asks…. its just better that way, but until then i want to take care of me and my baby and eat right.. so if anyone has any words of wisdom i would really appreciate it!! i have NO CLUE what to do!!!


        Hey there…I’m Meg with Standupgirl and I wanted to say that I am so proud of you for choosing life and for making the choice in your heart to never choose abortion again…my concern for you is that if you don’t tell your mom how are you going to receive proper prenatal care…I can understand you not wanting to tell her because if I remember right she is the one who "decided for you" to end your other child’s life…if you would please call Option Line at 1-800-395-HELP , they might be able to hook you up with some form of prenatal care in the meantime until you can communicate with your family, normally I don’t agree with a girl to not tell her parents but if you would be "forced" into abortion then I don’t blame you for waiting to tell them until you are far enough along, but please…seek prenatal care and take your vitamins…I am not a doctor so I can’t give you medical advice but if you call Option Line they might be able to…I will be praying for you and for the protection of your baby….if you need anything else whether it be questions or help finding resources in your area please don’t hesitate to ask….Love Meg


          Congrats lady! Since you calculated that you are so early in your pregnancy, I would re-test in a few days(after you are certain you’ve missed your next expected period- I think you calculated that you are three weeks and some days?) just to be certain and then have the pregnancy also confirmed by a doctor 🙂 I would also recommend telling your mother once you have it confirmed. You’ll probably get the same reaction anytime you tell her so sooner is better. Good luck !

          princess Angela

            Congradulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:woohoo: Im so happy for you

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