im only 14

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      hey everybody. i am 14in the 10th grade and i think and then again i no im pregnant and i need somebody to talk to that could or is going through the same thing.



        Have you taken a test yet to find out for sure? It may be frightening, but it really would be best to find out for sure whether you are pregnant or not so you can either stop worrying all the time, or seek prenatal care, resources, and emotional support for the pregnancy. I’m not really in a similar situation, but I am glad to listen and be of support if you need it. Hang in there and best wishes.



          im also 14 and i also might be pregnant im not sure yet but i have taken 1 test and it came up negitive but all you need to do really is talk to a friend i know how hard it is but just start by telling that one friend and talk to them about getting you a test thats what i did

          :kiss: Sarah


            Hey brittany.

            I know how you feel, i’m 14 too and i think i might be pregnant. I’ve tried to cover it up and pretend it’s not happening but it’s impossible. You think about every minute of every day. What made it worse for me is that when i had sex i was forced in to it. My worst concern was acctually finding out if i am pregnant. I don’t know how to go to a clinic or the shops and get a pregnancy test without my mum knowing and it’s just uncomortable doing such a thing. it’s really tough when your a teenager with so many other things to do, i didn’t want to be an outcast with my friends or my school. This recent thursday i told my mum. She went ballastic. I was crying and she was yelling. I then told her what happened and she burst out crying. It was horrible. But i felt so much better after wards becuase i now have someone to lean on and just cry with. Yesterday she took me after school to the doctor’s and we got a blood test done. The doctor explained to me lots of things, most which just washed right over my head. I get the results back on Monday and then i’ll know.
            My adcive to you is tell someone if you haven’t already, preferable your mum or dad. They’ll want to kill you at first but they’ll release soon that you need their support and they will be there for you because they love you. Then get a pregnancy test and find out for sure. It will only get worse if you leave it.. The sooner you make things clearer in you head the more space you have to work out things.
            I’ll keep you posted on what happens to me. Keep me posted on you!!! 🙂

            Remember everyone on this site is here to support you, most of us are going through the same thing. Your not alone.

            All my love Nessy. :kiss:


              Hey brittany.

              I got my test back. I AM PREGNANT!!!
              I don’t no what to do. Have you checked yet?

              Luv Nessy.


                Great you found out for sure. Now you need to get prenantal care. The sooner the better trust me. It may be scary but it has to be done. Tell your parents and whether their supportive or not you need to figure out if your going to keep it or you know the other options. Your very young, but I have a friend whom got pregnant at that age too, I am young myself! Just be careful and be sure to get help as soon as possible, look down at your belly, yep, theres a tiny baby developing very rapidly that depends on YOU in there!
                Eat right and be good. Your going to be a mommy!


                  😉 hey wutz up im the same way too. Well dont know what to say… :huh:



                    Hi there hun, I’m 15 and I’m now 2 weeks from my due date. Its a hard thing being pregnant so young. The only way to tell is take a pregnancy test. I have decided to give my baby boy up for adoption. This is a hard decision but I know it’s for the best. I have picked out a loving family. They will be perfect. I decided to do this after I though good and hard. My reasons ended up being 1) I have no way to support a baby. No job or anything. I didn’t want to raise my children on welfare. Don’t get me wrong. The welfare programs are great for those who need it, but I was raised on welfare and I want better for my children than I had. 2) I still have my whole life ahead of me. I want to persue my career and finish school. I live with my Grandparents also and was sooooo scared they would hate me or disown me or something like that. The reaction I got from everyone around was the opposite. Everyone supports my decision and feel that it would be best for baby. Just something to think about. Adoption I mean. It is the most loving, caring thing a mother can do for her child. If you want to know more or just need someone to talk to, I will be there if you. Hope I’ve helped a little bit.

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                      Hey Brittany!

                      Im pretty much going thru the same thing! I got a pregnancy test without my mom finding out.. and it was positive. Im only 14.. I was SO scared.. tell my mom! I hate to disappoint her. I havent told her yet, but i have to sooner or later, right? I have a great boyfriend who is going to stick with me thru all of this. And im extremely lucky. Well.. Id love to know how everything goes! Good luck.

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