I’m on birthcontrol and my periods late!!!

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      Hi my name is Amy. I’ve been taking this new birthcontrol, the nuva ring for about six months now, and since i’ve started it my periods been different but it always comes within the week im supposted to get it…but last week i didnt get it!!!!! I’m like freaking out because my husband and i didnt want to have another child soo soon. our daughters 2 and i just really need to no if anyone else has had a similar situation…just to reassure me im not pregnant, or not to freak out thanks amy


        I also wanted to say I also have been experiencing the same signals I get every time i get my period, i have thought i got it a few times but it was just heavier discharge then normal….help


          ok, im not gonna tell you that your not prego, but i will tell you not to freak out like you asked lol. I was never on birth control, i just got pregnant. I’m 6 months along. anyway, im sure you and your hubby dont use condoms b/c, well, being married and you on birthcontrol, theres really no point. So anyway if thats the case, just get a test and see. thats all i can really say


            Hello. I wouldn’t freak out, I would take a test- if it comes back positive. Then you can "freak out". :dry: However, do what is best for youself. Keep in touch! Best of luck.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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