im not sure if im pregnant

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      Its weird because im not meant to get my period until next week but last night i bled but i havent bled since. i only bled for about five minutes and it was really light.

      I havent bled since that. my boyfriend and i have been having unprotected sex. What do you think ??


        cud be implantation bleedin, could be a form of spottin for the upcumin period… guess ul hav 2 jus wait n c…


          have you had any other symptoms?


            hmmm it sounds like implantation bleeding .
            it could could also be caused from stress.
            wait untill your period is due if it does not come
            take a test and see what the outcome is- best of luck


              I think there maybe a possibiliy.But Do a pegnancy test so u know 4 definate.


                If you are having unprotected sex it is likely you are pregnant. I would wait until after your period was supposed to come and then take a pregnancy test.


                  look im 16 and i am about 6 months pregnant….and yes me and my boi friend had unpretected sex to …but the best thing to do is 2 go 2 ure teen resource center and im sure they can tell you….wish the best of luck hun….but remamber a baby is a blessing…and every thing happens for a reason


                    if u have been having unprotected sex and you are both healthy, there is a good chance you could be pregnant. take a home test


                      this could of been implantation bleeding.. but i’ve read that implantation bleeding last about 3 days, but some women get random spotting as well so this could be it.
                      as you said about when you were at work and you felt sick an faint, these are also symptoms.
                      i think the best idea is to wait until your period is like a week late and take a HPT.
                      keep us updated. 🙂
                      i’m here if you want to talk.
                      good luck.
                      x x

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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