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      help me! the last time i had sex was in june.. since then i had my period in july, august, 2 in september (one at the first of the month, other at the end of the month) none in october, and one in november. they have all been fairly normal, length, amount, cramps,etc. but i have been gaining weight.. like 5-10 pounds.. do u think im pregnant? or just stressing?


        okay…i think that if you are gaining about 5-10lb’s then it might depend on what you are eating….but if it’s just happening then you might want to get that checked…but it might be stress…ppl gain weight when they’re stressed… just wait and see…it’ll be all good wichyuh sista!!



          I would guess that you are not pregnant since you have had a few periods since the last time you had sex. Weight gain could depend on other factors like diet excercise, and stress. If you still suspect that you might be pregnant take a test to find out for sure. Best wishes.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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