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      :S help me please i am 15 years old and in the last two weeks my boy friend has cumed in me 5 times. i have been looking up pregnancy alot on the net but its not enoigh i feel like i need a persons opinion! can i be pregnat my period is due now (well suppose to be here now anyways) so he would of cumed in me after i obvilated (i think)? im relly noet sure to by onist! my period is normally quite irregular so i cant rely on that! 🙁 some one please let me know how coman it is to get pregnant? in the last couple of days i have been feeling aces and pain all through my body in my upper stumock and cramps kinda like period pains! iv been having head aces and been feeling tired! and allso today i have been crying at stupid things! these all could meen i am just getting my period but im not sure bout the uper stumock pains and head aces? :S some body please let me know wat i nead or try anyways? luv yous heaps LISA:kiss: :kiss: :kiss: hugs for all


        you should to take a home pregnancy test to find out if your pregnant or not.


          when was the last time you had your period???

          I would recomemed waiting till you are like a week over due and then take a pregnancy test.

          let me know what happens

          good luck

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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